Toys and Robots, Inside & Out

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PLOT:  A deskbound CIA analyst dreams of being a field agent.

                Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) enjoys assisting her favorite agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) but longs to be a super agent and she does and she is very funny, very resourceful and very vulgar. It is good if you like action and there is a lot.  She is a big woman but she gets into fights and has to save the day!!  If you don’t like Mrs. McCarthy you shouldn’t see the film for she is in it mostly.  I was so surprised it was that good!!


PLOT:  A little girl’s emotions come to life in her head.

                What is in a young girl’s mind?  This delightful movie tries to explain.  All her emotions take a cartoon shape and try to shape her when she and her family has to move to another state and everything goes wrong.  This is the most imaginative film I have seen this summer!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


PLOT:  Kyle Reese has to save Sarah Conner but something has changed.

                This is the fifth Terminator movie and this is the only film I know that YOU have to reboot your brain to understand it!!  It is confusing at least for me but basically the timeline has changed.  Sarah Conner (Emila Clarke, Game of Thrones) is a tough female yet  Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney, A Good Day to Die Hard) still has to save her from an unlikely person.  You will understand the situation more if you watch Doctor Who and Back to the Future films.  The action is very good and so is its star Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I believe it is not doing well because the story is not simple.  I think it will do better on video.

Big Time Monster Catastrophe Movies

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PLOT:  Disaster happens as the famous fault finally falls.

                Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is a rescue helicopter pilot who has to save his wife and daughter ( Carla Gugino, (Wayward Pines) Alexander Daddario (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) from the earthquakes!!  It is a lot to believe but the actress Daddario is smart and resourceful.  The special effects are terrific and terrifying!!  It is a good summer movie.


PLOT:  After 22 years they finally make a Disney World with dinosaurs.

                I saw Jurassic Park in 1993 and it had the “wow factor” with the special effects and now it is even better!!  The plot not really why you go see this movie but the dinosaurs!!  The scientist makes a new creature with DNA spliced of T-Rex, raptor and other dinosaurs.  Indominus Rex escapes and that when the fun begins!!  It is a wild ride and the ending I didn’t see coming!!  This is a POPCORN movie you will enjoy.  The cast includes Chris Pratt (Guardian of the Galaxy) Bryce Dallas Howard (Twilight Breaking Dawn, The Help), Vincent D’Onofrio (Law and Order Criminal Intent. Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix) and Omar Sy (X-Men Days of Future Past).  Minor spoiler:  Mr. Sy is mentioned for the BLACK MAN LIVES at the end of the movie!!


PLOT:  The beginning of the franchise.
                Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) is a gifted psychic who helps a pretty teen, Quinn (Stefanie Scott) talk to her mom but an evil entity comes through and her father and friends have to save her.  It is a prequel before the supernatural occurrence of the Lambert family.  It’s okay and you have seen the plat before but I liked the character Elise who became brave to help the girl. LOOK OUT maybe a fourth!!

Towards A Mad, Perfect Tommorrow

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PLOT:  In the future, in the desert everything has to be fought for.

                Mad Max is back!!  I really don’t know if it is a sequel or a reboot but it is very good!!!  The director of the Mad Max movies George Miller hasn’t lost his touch for action!!  WARNING:  Action starts at the beginning of the film slow down just a bit then amps up at the end!!  Don’t be late!!  Max is now Tom Hardy (Bane, Dark Night Rises) he’ll kill just to survive.  Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron (Snow White and the Huntsman) tries to redeem herself by taking Immortan Joe’s(Hugh Keays-Byrne(Toecutter in the first Mad Max)” wives “or sex slaves from him.  She is tough but has a soft side and a back-story. He wants them back and the chase is on.  Nicholas Hoult as Nux (Beast, in X Men First Class)is a War Boy who works for Immortan Joe but then changes his mind when he falls one of the “wives”  He is mentioned because he says the future catch phrase “What a lovely day!”


PLOT:  The Bellas are back with songs and problems.

                The ladies are back and they are about to graduate from Baden college.  After a disasterious accident in front of the President at Lincoln Center the singers has to find their “Bellas” sound back and beat the latest cappella international sensation German group DSM.  I didn’t see the first film but it is raunchy, funny crazy but the ending is great!!!  Actress Elizabeth Banks is in the movie and she directed it as well. It is a hit and I don’t know why-maybe a little:  Girl power!!  If you like the first one you will enjoy this one.  It is nice to see a chick movie in the summer among the blockbusters that is making money!!!


PLOT:  A teenage girl discovers a small pin that takes her to another dimension.

                The movie is original meaning it’s not a superhero, not a sequel but about a young woman named Casey (Britt Newton ) who receives a mysterious pin and it takes her to an exciting, future world.  When the girl asks questions there is an action sequence but near the end all is explained.  It is complicated watching it the first time.  It will do very well on video.  The special effects are amazing but try to stick with it when watching it.  Interesting if you want something different.

Aliens and Androids Launch Summer 2015

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PLOT:  Clumsy alien is taught humanity.

                Oh (Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory) is a lovable but accident-prone misfit.  His species, the Boov take over the earth and Tip (singer Rihanna) shows him what it is to be like to be human while searching for her mom.  It has all the elements like a Disney movie love, laughter, danger and special effects.  It is not bad for kids or adult kids either.


PLOT:  The Avengers now must fight an android who can think for himself.

                The Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye team up to stop Ultron a robot (created by Tony Stark and Hank Prym, not Stark and Dr Banner) who is changing and decided that mankind is a threat to itself so it must be destroyed.  Not a good idea to the team so they stop it.   They are assisted by War Machine, The Vision Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This is a popcorn movie to start the summer movie season and it is great!  The action is AMAZING!!  See it when it comes to a theater near you!!!!!

Spring 2015 Movies Get Hard, Fast and Furious

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PLOT:    Two con artists are also lovers.

                Nicky (Will Smith) and Jess (Margot Robbie) are two attractive con artists.  Nicky is more experienced but Jess is very willing to learn.  Nicky is getting emotionally involved with Jess so he abruptly breaks the relationship off which makes her very upset.  There is a big con and he is unaware that Jess is dating the bait.  Sounds like a soap opera but it is a good movie with wise-cracking Will on the wrong side of the law.  It is like American Hustle but the couple and the settings are very glamorous. Smith and Robbie have a great chemistry and they will be seen again in Suicide Squad.



PLOT:  Servant girl gets her wish to go to the ball and meet the prince.

                Director Kenneth Branagh (Thor) has done it again with this new adaption of the classic fairy tale but he made it feel like Masterpiece Theater!!  It is well made and well acted.  Cate Blanchett is great as the evil stepmother but at least she has a backstory as well as Cinderella herself played by Lily James. Well worth a look.



PLOT:   The gang is back for one last ride.

                This movie franchise is nothing short of amazing!!!  The group were race car drivers to stealing money and now there are superspies and close to superheroes!! Dom (Vin Diesel) and his team have to capture Ramsey, a beautiful computer expert who made the ultimate tracking device and not trying to be killed by Owen Shaw’s brother Deckard (Jason Statham, Transporter, Expendables) out for revenge.  The action is fantastic-unbelievable but fantastic!!  This POPCORN movie!!  Sit back and enjoy!!!



PLOT:  White businessman prepares himself with a black guy to go to jail.

                Will Farrell and Kevin Hart are rich and poor. Rich Farrell is rich but is framed and has 30 days before he spends hard time in jail for ten years.  Kevin is poor and washes cars for a living.  Farrell asks Kevin to teach him the ropes before he goes to jail and will pay him so Kevin agrees.  The film is very raunchy, stereotypical and very funny at the same time.  Rapper and actor TI is very good too.  It is worth watching if you like the two main stars, if not watch on video.



PLOT:  The sequel to Divergent.

                Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four(Theo James) along with others are running away from the President(Kate Winslet)  only to capture Tris to get information from a cube because she is a Divegent.  It is very action packed and Ms Woodley is a good actress.  There is a lot of double crossing and sometimes you don’t know who is on Tris’ side. I believe there will be a third film.  If you like the first movie you will enjoy this one.



PLOT:  A hit man has to decide who he is loyal to.

                Jimmy “The “Gravedigger” Conlon (Liam Neeson) was a famous hit man know a joke and alcoholic.  His son Mike (Joel Kinnaman, Robocop 2014) is distant from him because of his profession and his best friend is Shawn MacGuire (Ed Harris) is a “straight” businessman and a gangster. MacGuire’s son made a mistake and gets Mike involved and Jimmy has chose to do the right thing. Neeson has done some many action movies you can’t keep up but this one is truly well done. 

He is a hit man but he is human too with serious flaws.  Harris is a good actor but I don’t usually expect him in this kind of film but maybe he wanted to work with Neeson.  What is amazing is rapper turned actor Common as Andrew Price, another hit man out to kill Neeson.  Oh man, I wasn’t used to him as a ruthless assassin but he played it well.  See it in the movies, see it on video just see it!!