Action Gets Traction Fall 2015

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PLOT:    A reboot of The Transporter.

                These days it doesn’t have to be years before they reimagine or remake a film.  The original Transporter is only 12 years old.  Gone is stoic but can kick-ass Jason Statham but replaced by Ed Skrein (Ajax , Deadpool 2016) is Frank Martin and he helps four attractive women to take a Russian’s kingpin money.  There is lots of action but it is not the same without Statham.  If you like The Transporter movies go but if not wait until video where all the movies are successful.


PLOT:  Die Hard in a precinct HQ.

                WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose is Shaw a cop who returns back to duty after his rookie cop was killed, he was shot and had to see a therapist for PTSD.  His former partner Burke (Roger Cross, the black guy you see if every SyFy film and series) is a dirty and Shaw has the proof to put him in jail.  Burke and his crooked cops set a fire to the police station to get most of the police out then places it on lockdown hench the title.  You have seen it all before but the ONLY reason to see the film is for Ambrose.  He is an action star!  Not much in the acting side but makes up with badass!  There is many good kills!  Action Hounds please watch!!


PLOT:  Stoner finds out he is really an assassin.

                Jess Eisenberg is Mike a loner and stoner who finds out he is CIA assassin when Adrian (Topher Grace) wants to start his own group of elite group of killers from mental patients try to get rid of him because he is a loose end.  Kristen Stewart is his girlfriend and she looks high most of the time.  The movie is good in a strange sought of way.  It’s has funny moments, real dramatic moments and many bloody moments.  If you like the story and the two stars you should see it.  It would make a good TV series.  If you can wait please see this on video or cable.

PLOT:  The rise of gangster rap group NWA.

                In the beginning there was party rap, the fun stuff then there was message rap, a little more serious and gangster rap where it talked about ghetto life, poverty and the abusive police.  Three young men wanted the mainstream to hear how bad it is and there are Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Easy E.  The movie tells their story. I don’t know how accurate the story is but if you want more information you know where to find it. The positive: the money, the women the bling (gold) and the negative: crooked managers too much drugs and egos.  It is like most dramas about fame and the cost.  It is well made and well done.  All the young actors are great.  The film is about gangster rap so there is a lot of swearing, using women as sex objects, violence and drugs.  You have been warned.


PLOT:  The movie based on the popular TV show in the 60’s.

                Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill, Man of Steel) and Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer, Long Ranger) are spies from English and Russian team together to find a scientist through his daughter.  Cavill seems to be having a great time playing Solo, Hammer not so much.  The villainess Elizabeth Debicki is beautiful, fashionable and dangerous.  At the end their code name is U.N.C.L.E. - United Network Command for Law Enforcement. The music is good and the action sconces are very good.  If you are curious did they make it better or worse go, if not wait for cable.

PLOT:  Scientist makes the perfect solider.

                Rupert Friend (ShowTime’s Homeland) is Agent 47 a genetic engineered man with superhuman strength and stamina.  There is a barcode on the back of his bald head with the last two numbers which is 47.  The government shuts down the project but an evil organization wants to bring it back to life and they need to find the doctor, Litvenko (Ciaran Hinds) who created it and they use his daughter, Katia (Hannah Ware) to find him. Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) is John Smith is more than a CIA agent. It is based on a video game. You have seen this all before but it does have style and a lot of action!!  A sad note Rupert Friend was not first choice to play 47 but Paul Walker who died in a car crash.  If you like mindless action  go see it, if not wait until cable.

Rest of the Summer Wrap-up

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PLOT: Remake of the 1982 film.

This was a weak reimagining of the original movie. It is a family who move into a haunted house. Not bloody, not scary either but at least it shows the dysfunctional family staying together in a crisis. Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2) is good as unemployed father who has to believe all the supernatural occurrences going on in his home. Jared Harris (Mad Men) as Carrigan Burke, a spirit specialist with an Irish accent is also good showing he knows his job and humor with it. See the 1982 film then watch the remake.


PLOT: Sequel to Ted about a cuddly cursing, drinking and smoking teddy bear that comes to life.

What makes us human? That’s a deep question for comedy but that’s what the Ted 2 is about. He wants a family and when he tries to adopt the problems come up but that doesn’t mean there is not a lot of raunchy fun in between. Ted (voice by director Seth McFarlane) and John (Mark Wahlberg) his best friend. They make a great dysfunctional comic team. If you like the first movie you will like this –if not wait for cable.


PLOT: Ethan Hunt and his task force must stop an opposing organization as smart and dangerous as they are!!

This is the 5th Mission Impossible and it is the best!! IMF best agent, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has to prove there is an equal but evil group like IMF called the Syndicate. Hunt has to go through a lot to prove that the Syndicate does exist and it is very exciting and clever. Rebecca Ferguson (Hercules starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) is amazing as Ilsa Faust. She is smart, attractive, can take care of her and you don’t know whose side she is on until the end. Sean Harris as Solomon Lane, the leader of the Syndicate is creepy as hell!! The best part of the film is that it is like the 60’s Mission Impossible where they are a team!!


PLOT: Young woman drinks, smokes and dates too many guys finds true love.

Amy Schumer is Amy, a writer but she is a “trainwreck”!! She drinks too much, smokes anything and has too many men in her life. It stems from her father Colin Quinn who instilled in her no one is faithful to each other so she takes that in her adult life. It is like a Lifetime movie with a lot of wit and vulgar humor. It’s a chick flick guys would like. It is not your typical romance comedy at all!! All the actors are good and the guest basketball players like LeBron James and Amar’s Stoudemire are excellent!! Wrestler John Cena is very funny as one of Amy’s one night stands and he has a nice body!!! A reason to buy the video and put in Slow Motion!!


PLOT: Video games from the 80’s come back to destroy the world!!

Three good friends(Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Josh Gad) in their younger days were top of their game- 80’s video games now Kevin James is the president while the other two are losers must join together to stop aliens in the form of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Dojo Quest!! Yeah, it sounds crazy but it is an imaginative idea. It is not just the 80’s video games it was pop culture of the 80’s. It is very good but if you don’t like the old video games or Adam Sandler wait until cable but it is entertaining.


PLOT: Another reimagining of Marvel’s super team.

Oh man!! If you are a fan of the comics you will be cursing at the screen!! They changed sooo much. The last two movies were very campy but special effects great but at least it stuck with the origin. This one they are going to another dimension like earth to get resources but most of the dimension looks like a barren area. There isn’t much action in the film either. Josh Trank, the director who did Chronicle didn’t do a great job!! Why? This director has so much promise!! Rumors have it he was intoxicated during production and it could be from all the stress!! There is some good in the movie like Ben “Thing” Grimm. He is CGI and it is good. The movie is very serious. Please, if you love Fantastic Four don’t watch this –wait for CABLE!!

Toys and Robots, Inside & Out

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PLOT:  A deskbound CIA analyst dreams of being a field agent.

                Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) enjoys assisting her favorite agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) but longs to be a super agent and she does and she is very funny, very resourceful and very vulgar. It is good if you like action and there is a lot.  She is a big woman but she gets into fights and has to save the day!!  If you don’t like Mrs. McCarthy you shouldn’t see the film for she is in it mostly.  I was so surprised it was that good!!


PLOT:  A little girl’s emotions come to life in her head.

                What is in a young girl’s mind?  This delightful movie tries to explain.  All her emotions take a cartoon shape and try to shape her when she and her family has to move to another state and everything goes wrong.  This is the most imaginative film I have seen this summer!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


PLOT:  Kyle Reese has to save Sarah Conner but something has changed.

                This is the fifth Terminator movie and this is the only film I know that YOU have to reboot your brain to understand it!!  It is confusing at least for me but basically the timeline has changed.  Sarah Conner (Emila Clarke, Game of Thrones) is a tough female yet  Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney, A Good Day to Die Hard) still has to save her from an unlikely person.  You will understand the situation more if you watch Doctor Who and Back to the Future films.  The action is very good and so is its star Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I believe it is not doing well because the story is not simple.  I think it will do better on video.

Big Time Monster Catastrophe Movies

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PLOT:  Disaster happens as the famous fault finally falls.

                Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is a rescue helicopter pilot who has to save his wife and daughter ( Carla Gugino, (Wayward Pines) Alexander Daddario (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) from the earthquakes!!  It is a lot to believe but the actress Daddario is smart and resourceful.  The special effects are terrific and terrifying!!  It is a good summer movie.


PLOT:  After 22 years they finally make a Disney World with dinosaurs.

                I saw Jurassic Park in 1993 and it had the “wow factor” with the special effects and now it is even better!!  The plot not really why you go see this movie but the dinosaurs!!  The scientist makes a new creature with DNA spliced of T-Rex, raptor and other dinosaurs.  Indominus Rex escapes and that when the fun begins!!  It is a wild ride and the ending I didn’t see coming!!  This is a POPCORN movie you will enjoy.  The cast includes Chris Pratt (Guardian of the Galaxy) Bryce Dallas Howard (Twilight Breaking Dawn, The Help), Vincent D’Onofrio (Law and Order Criminal Intent. Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix) and Omar Sy (X-Men Days of Future Past).  Minor spoiler:  Mr. Sy is mentioned for the BLACK MAN LIVES at the end of the movie!!


PLOT:  The beginning of the franchise.
                Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) is a gifted psychic who helps a pretty teen, Quinn (Stefanie Scott) talk to her mom but an evil entity comes through and her father and friends have to save her.  It is a prequel before the supernatural occurrence of the Lambert family.  It’s okay and you have seen the plat before but I liked the character Elise who became brave to help the girl. LOOK OUT maybe a fourth!!

Towards A Mad, Perfect Tommorrow

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PLOT:  In the future, in the desert everything has to be fought for.

                Mad Max is back!!  I really don’t know if it is a sequel or a reboot but it is very good!!!  The director of the Mad Max movies George Miller hasn’t lost his touch for action!!  WARNING:  Action starts at the beginning of the film slow down just a bit then amps up at the end!!  Don’t be late!!  Max is now Tom Hardy (Bane, Dark Night Rises) he’ll kill just to survive.  Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron (Snow White and the Huntsman) tries to redeem herself by taking Immortan Joe’s(Hugh Keays-Byrne(Toecutter in the first Mad Max)” wives “or sex slaves from him.  She is tough but has a soft side and a back-story. He wants them back and the chase is on.  Nicholas Hoult as Nux (Beast, in X Men First Class)is a War Boy who works for Immortan Joe but then changes his mind when he falls one of the “wives”  He is mentioned because he says the future catch phrase “What a lovely day!”


PLOT:  The Bellas are back with songs and problems.

                The ladies are back and they are about to graduate from Baden college.  After a disasterious accident in front of the President at Lincoln Center the singers has to find their “Bellas” sound back and beat the latest cappella international sensation German group DSM.  I didn’t see the first film but it is raunchy, funny crazy but the ending is great!!!  Actress Elizabeth Banks is in the movie and she directed it as well. It is a hit and I don’t know why-maybe a little:  Girl power!!  If you like the first one you will enjoy this one.  It is nice to see a chick movie in the summer among the blockbusters that is making money!!!


PLOT:  A teenage girl discovers a small pin that takes her to another dimension.

                The movie is original meaning it’s not a superhero, not a sequel but about a young woman named Casey (Britt Newton ) who receives a mysterious pin and it takes her to an exciting, future world.  When the girl asks questions there is an action sequence but near the end all is explained.  It is complicated watching it the first time.  It will do very well on video.  The special effects are amazing but try to stick with it when watching it.  Interesting if you want something different.