Big Humor in Big Blockbusters

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PLOT:  The aliens are back and they are bigger, meaner and smarter.

    First of all if you enjoyed the first movie you will like the second movie and if you didn’t don’t bother. Independence Day Resurgence is like the first film doing the same thing only different characters are doing it.  The movie tries to explain what happened to the major characters of ID4.  There are new people in the fight against the aliens but you will enjoy David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and Dr. Brakish Okiun (Brent Spiner).  These two are great and were in the last film.  It is a silly spectacular popcorn flick that made Independence Day fun but it is just more enhanced.


PLOT: The further adventures of four turtles.

                  You shouldn’t watch this movie if you don’t like the concepts of six feet turtles as superheroes.  I liked it as a cartoon and the movies.  This film is a live –action cartoon with villains and monsters and heroes, human and mutants.  The story is about Shredder, the turtle’s nemesis with help from a scientist to open a portal to bring another evil being Krang to destroy the world.  Story is not that important but the stunts and CGI are.  It didn’t do well in the theaters but on video it will do very well.


PLOT:  Dory, the forgetful fish wants to find her parents.

                  Dory, a blue tang fish is a sweet lovable and forgetful.  Despite memory loss she is determined to find her family by being creative and daring.  Her adventure she meets animals who have difficulty too but willing to help her.  The sequel is just enjoyable as Finding Nemo in 2003.  Kids will love it and so will adults and anyone who understands the meaning of family.


PLOT:  Two estrange friends join forces to save the world.

                  Ben Stone (Dwayne Johnson) was a fat kid and was humiliated in school and one guy stood up for him, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) in 1996.  Now Calvin is married to a beautiful wife, a good job, as an accountant but doesn’t feel he is living up to his potential.  Ben is a spy and remembers his friend Calvin to help him find information to save the world.  It is funny but the action is much better.  Johnson you don’t know is he the good guy, the bad guy or the crazy guy.  Hart is funny playing the average guy who gets way over his head.  Worth to watch if you like these two actors.

Wizards, Conjurings and Keanus

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PLOT:  Based on the popular video game where orcs and humans must join together to stop an even bigger threat.

                I have a confession before I review:  I never played the very popular game but as a movie it is EPIC.  You can enjoy the movie if you never played the game for it is a sad popcorn movie.  Orcs and humans must fight together against a wizard and the result is death and tragedy.  It is played very seriously, not much humor at all and you actually care about the orcs than the people.


PLOT:  Two middle class black men pretend to be gangstas to get back their cute little kitten.

                Key and Peele had a very funny show on Comedy Central and they debut in this.  If you like their type of comedy you will enjoy this.  Believe it or not the action sequences are very good.  They comedy is good too but it is like a 90 minute movie of their skits.  The best thing really is the cute little kitten and (minor spoiler) the actor Keanu Reeves does the voice of the kitten in a dream sequence.


PLOT:  The sequel to the successful Neighbors.

                Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) are having their second kid and they want a bigger home.  Shelby (Chole Grace Moretz, Hit Girl, Carrie) is a lonely student who realizes there are too many rules at the sororities in her college so she makes her own sororities and the house she picks is next door to Mac and Kelly.  It is crude, vulgar but it is also funny too.  I really saw the movie because of Moretz.  She seemed out of place for comedy because she is an action star.


PLOT:  Paranormal married couple Ed and Lorraine Warren investigates a possessed child in England.

                Based on a true story of a single mother and one of her daughters is possessed and the Warren couple will   help them.  There are a few jolts in the film but what is truly interesting is that there is faith and the paranormal pair belief in God.  It is very rare in modern horror today.  In a strange way this is why many religious movie fans made the movie a hit because of faith and family. Minor spoiler:  The Creepy Nun is very scary and she (it?) may have a solo movie.

The Mega Movies Explode

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PLOT:  The team comes together to stop the first mutant that ever existed:  Apocalypse.

I usually don’t mention directors but Bryan Singer has made more X-Men movies than anyone else.  He may enjoy what he does or they are paying him much money. In the latest movie En Sabah Nu (The First One) played by Oscar Issac who was Poe in Star Wars: The Fourth Awakens rises again and recruits four mutants to join him in controlling the world.  One is Erick Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) who tries to be an ordinary man but circumstances force him to be Magneto and the hell with humans and crush them.  Fassbender no doubt can act and so can James McAvoy as Professor X. 

Oscar Issac as Apocalypse is the most powerful evil being in the X-men universe and the actor is of Latino descent!  Thank you Singer for choosing him and under all that make-up is a good performance. He is not a household name but I hope he will be.  Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique is good but her character was NEVER the leader of the X-men but the actress can bring in fans so deal with that.  The sexiest female is Olivia Munn as Psylocke.  She looks great but she is hardly in the movie and she doesn’t speak much.  The action sequences are great.  If you are a comic book fan it is good but you may complain about the mistakes.


PLOT: Based on the popular video game.

                Flightless birds live a quiet existence then the pigs arrive that seem friendly but have an evil agenda. One angry bird realizes something is wrong with the pigs. The movie is fun but raunchy that is why the kids want to watch it.  Please see it with your kids for you will enjoy it just as much.


PLOT:  Alice has problems in her world as well as the magical world.

                Alice is grown up now and she is having grown up problems such as losing her home, upset with her mom.  She goes to the magical realm where Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is ill.  He believes his family is alive and only Alice can save them.  The movie is epic and special effects amazing.  It is loosely based on the novel but the best thing about the film is what you do for family and Alice tries to help in both of her families in both worlds.

Superior Sequels, Bombing Bios

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PLOT:  The continuing story of Calvin and the interesting characters in his barber shop.

                Calvin (Ice Cube) is keeping up with the times, the male dominated shop is now a co-ed so women get the head done too.  His partner is a woman named Angie (Regina Hall) and he is trying to raise his family in Southside Chicago.  Eddie (Cedric The Entertainment) is still talking trash.  The film is not as funny as the trailer.  It has humor but it is serious about gangs and gun violence.  It shows Calvin trying to be a good father to his rebellious teenage son.  It is funny and has a lot of heart.  Watch it.


PLOT:  The government wants to put in affect the Anti-Hero Registration Act.  Iron Man agrees but Captain America does not.  Many heroes choose sides with violent consequences.

                OMG this film was excellent!  It is like the superhero cartoons you see on TV only it’s live action but much darker but there is humor too.  Fans who love superheroes will LOVE this movie.  It has action sequences that are AMAZING!  The main villain Zemo is not really that good but he is vital and serves a purpose.  The heroic cast was great but mini spoiler the Hulk and Thor are not in it.  SEE this movie if you can and remember don’t jump out of the seat after the movie is over!


PLOT:  The story about the legendary singer Nina Simone near the end of her life.

                The trouble with biopics they never get it right and with Nina is worse because Latina Zoe Saldana plays the troubled but talented singer.  Blacks are mad as hell because it should have gone to a black actress.   It is important because being a dark-skinned full lipped woman is frowned upon in America so she wanted to sing about and be an activist about it. I would have picked Viola Davis. 

Another thing people are upset with is that it’s inaccurate---alot.  Her assistant, manager and nurse named Clifton Henderson played by David Oyelowo (Selma) assumed they had a romantic relationship but he was openly gay.  Some people overlook the way the actors look if they get their “essence” of the person.  The Saldana is very good but it is not Nina Simone.  Read articles, books and her music than see this movie.  If you are that curious watch it but if not--wait for it to come on TV.

Fantasy, Exploitation and Reality

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PLOT:  Five young women are pressured to marry and protect themselves from zombies!

                Novelist Jane Austen never thought her book would have zombies in it!  Five trained beauties in 19th century England are pressured to marry while a mysterious disease is spreading. It is outrageous but the ladies are no damsels in distress and they can handle themselves in battle.  If you like the premise watches it but if not wait until video.


PLOT:  Sisters and rival queens search for the magical mirror.

                This is a prequel about two sisters Ravenna and Freya (Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt) and Ravenna brings the evil side of her sister out.  Freya becomes queen in her own kingdom and rises children to be warriors but NO ONE must fall in love.  Two of the children are Eric, the huntsman by Chris Hemsworth and Sara Jessica Chastain.  They committee the worst sin:  they fall in love and that love is put to the test.  Freya seeking more power orders Eric to find the mirror and the journey begins.  Snow White is in the film in for a hot minute, Theron isn’t in there much either but when she is she is wickedness to behold!!  Instead of accent every word in the first film she speaks in whispers this time but she cold and calculating.  Blunt is good too as the good sister before events turn her. Hemsworth is handsome but what accent did he have? The special effects are excellent.  It is great if you like fairytales.

PLOT:  A warrior searches for Jesus’ body after the Resurrection.

                Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) a Roman warrior sent by the king to seek the body of Christ.  When he can’t find him he searches for Jesus’ disciplines.  He does find them and when he witnesses the miracles that Christ performs that changes him.  The film is very good for it shows Jesus as an ordinary man with incredible powers-not dressed in white with a far-away stare.  It is great for the faith-base audience.