Old Soldiers, Blondes and Raccoons in Action

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PLOT:  The macho elite team go bad ass again for the third time.

                There is a saying the third is the charm well that goes for the latest Expendables movie.  All the action stars are back except Bruce Willis and added is Wesley Snipes Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and Kelsey Grammer.  The bad guy is arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks played by Mel Gibson who is very good at being rotten.  It is darker than the second one but very exciting. It is PG13 instead of rated R but you won’t notice it. If you like these kinds of movies GO!!


PLOT:  A party girl becomes a genius because of an ingested synthetic drug.

                Attractive Scarlett Johansson is a young woman forced to become a drug mule and by accident ingest CPH4 and her brain power increases to 100% and the viewer sees what happens to her.  Great actor Morgan Freeman is wonderful and Professor Samuel Norman.  The story is silly but well made.  Has action but really what would happen if the human mind advances to maximum power.


PLOT:  A band of misfits band together to save their universe.

                There is a reason why they placed this film in August!!  These are not the most popular heroes in the Marvel comics, and yet they are in the best movie I have seen besides Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  It begins with the saddest introduction from a Marvel movie I have seen.  Peter Quill/StarLord (played by Chris Pratt) mother dies in front of him then he is taken away in a space ship.   

Years later Quill is a space thief stealing a mysterious, powerful orb and once he gets it everyone wants him including Gamora (Zoe Salanda) Drax The Destroyer (David Baustista) Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradly Cooper) and Groot (voiced by Vin Disel)!!  The cast is strange as it is are very good!!  It is like watching a live-action animated cartoon!!  If you are into this, I encourage you to go by all means!!

Movies Go Ape Summer 2014

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PLOT:  Humans now think that the robots are a threat and a secret organization wants them all killed.

                This is a summer popcorn movie!!!  Story is not really essential but there is  much action in this film.  It has a new cast and Mark Wahlberg is a welcome change from Shia LaBouf.  You know the movie is not about the people but the Transformers.  Director Michael Bay has been called a hack Mr. Explosion but the guy delivers!!  I wish he made Godzilla for you know you will watch rock ‘em sock ‘em entertainment.


PLOT: A couple plans to be married so they go to Vegas for their last fling!!

                The gang from Think Like A Man are back!!  Michael (Terrance J) and Candace (Regina Hall) are getting married so his friends and her friends give a bachelor and bachelorette but they just get in crazy adventures.  It is very funny and Kevin Hart is hilarious.  It is a fun time at the movies if you like these kinds of movies.


PLOT:  The sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

                In the sequel a deadly virus takes out most of the humans.  The apes live in harmony without humans but the humans who did survive need to the river where the apes are and here comes the conflict.  The story is simple but this is the best summer movie I enjoyed in a looong time. It is a morality tale repeating what you already know there is good and bad in every species. 

Motion capture king Andy Serkis is just brilliant as Caesar, leader of the apes and his nemesis Koda played by Todd Kebell is amazing!!  He will be Dr. Doom in the latest Fantastic Four and when you see this film you WILL know why they picked him.  The humans are great too,  Jason Clarke, Keri Russell and the wonderful Gary Oldman. 

Movies of Future, And Past

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PLOT:  The X-men have to do time-travel to stop a breed of robots that only targets mutants.

                This a good movie!!  It is action-packed and well acted summer blockbuster.  My only concern is if there is another movie will the entire cast come back??  There are five X-men movies and I enjoy them all but some are getting old.  Directed Bryon Singer who directed the first still knows how to make these kinds of films.  The stand outs are Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Quicksilver (Evan Peters) he was great as comic relief.


PLOT:  The untold back story of the witch of Sleeping Beauty.

                Angelina Jolie is GREAT as the witch of the classic fairytale.  She’s much better when she is evil but she does have her reasons.  The rest of the cast is good and the special effects amazing.  It is very well done for kids as well as adults.


PLOT:  Tom Cruise has to live one day over and over to save the world.

                This must have been some pitch to the studio that produced this:  Groundhog Day and Starship Troppers.  Cage (Tom Cruise) must repeat the same day over and over to save the world from spider looking monsters.  It is a confusing but thrilling adventure.  Emily Blunt plays against type but she is very good as a tough officer going through what Cage is.  The film is not doing well in the US but it will do very well on video to understand more of the story.


PLOT:  American version of the French thriller District 13.

                I didn’t want to see this film because of the death of the handsome actor Paul Walker.  He is very good and could easily be a new action star.  The story is still the same for this film.  In the future Detroit is so violent they build a wall so the poor can’t get out.  The action  doesn’t wait long!!! The frenetic pace starts within ten minutes!!  David Bell who was in the original French film and in this one and he is AMAZING with his Parkour skills!!!  It didn’t do very well in theaters but DO watch on video!!!

Directory World

2014 Early Summer Movies: Boom or Bust?

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PLOT:  Peter Parker enjoys being a superhero but he wants to have
a normal life too.

    Being a superhero can kill your love life just ask Peter
Parker/Spiderman.  It wears his body down saving the day and
can’t be or stay with his girlfriend.  New villains arrived, one named
Electro and his best friend Harry Osborne/Green Goblin.  The
special effects are fantastic.  It is like watching a live-action
cartoon.  If you like larger than life characters this is your
movie.  Don’t jump out of your seat when the credits roll!!!


PLOT:  The reboot of the iconic monster.

    I am a fan of Godzilla and I liked parts of the movie.   The
parts I enjoyed:  Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) he takes his part
very seriously.  The fight sequences-off the hook!!  The result
of the devastation of what Godzilla and other giant monsters do to
cities and the human factor is important but I didn’t pay for a
3D ticket for the people. The parts I didn’t like:  More Godzilla
screen time!!  More of the monsters attacking each other!!  You
have to be a fan of G or love monster movies to watch this film
or you won’t like it very much.  I do hope there is a sequel just
for monster fighting action!!


PLOT:  A nutty couple with a baby has to get rid of a fraternity
next door.

    Let me say I am not a fan of Seth Rogen.  I don’t know how he
gets roles that he does.  The movie is funny for the targeted
audience not to me.  If you want to see an outrageous comedy
watch the Wolf of Wall Street!!  Rose Byrne (X Men First Class, and
Bridesmaids) the female lead is funny with her crazy schemes. 
Ike Barinholtz is hilarious as the couple’s friend. Zac Efron is
trying to change his clean image this will do it!! He is cursing,
smoking and doing obnoxious things as leader of the fraternity.


PLOT:  Different races and classes of women gather together to
support each other.

    First of all the trailer is misleading.  It is not that funny. 
There is no Madea in it so the only comic relief is Terry Crews
(The Expendables).  It’s about five women trying to balance single
motherhood, relationships and employment.  Second, it is very
good.  They show all the women as human beings not caricatures. 
It is very good Lifetime movie.  It didn’t do well at the
box-office maybe it was too real for the target audience but worth
it on video.


PLOT:  Blu and his family go to the Amazon to find more birds like

    The sequel is very good not because of the animation but the
music is great!!  Blu is living in Rio but finds out there are
more birds like them they must go to the wild Amazon which he does
not want to be.  It is good fun flick for children and adults and
again the music is fantastic.  Worth a look.


PLOT: An elite DEA squad gets picked off but by whom?

    The film is great for action hounds for when there is action it
violent and bloody.  Arnold Schwarzengger is the leader of a
special DEA team who take down cartels.  The mystery is who stole
the money and who is killing the team off?  The cast is great Sam
Worthington (Clash of the Titans), Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike)
Terrence Howard (The Butler), Max Martini (Pacific Rim) and
Mirelle Enos (TV show the Killing). The real mystery is why
Schwarzengger can’t have a hit outside The Expendables.  He was
actually good in this.

Humongous Spring Flick Wrap-up

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PLOT:  Sequel to the highly successful film 300.

                After the brave solders of 300 were killed, Themistocles wants Queen Gorgo (Leonidas’s wife) played by Lena Headey to join him for the God-king Xerxes won’t take over all of Greece.  It is like a prequel and sequel at the same time.  The action and slashing is just as good as 300 but the best addition is Artemisia played by French actress Eva Green.  She is pure evil and proud of it! She is just not evil for evil sake she has a back story and she is not a wicked lover, girlfriend or wife she is a naval commander!!  She needs award for BADASS BITCH OF THE YEAR!! She is AMAZING!!!

PLOT: A reboot of cartoon classic.

                In the 60’s there was cartoon that was on with Bullwinkle called Mr. Peabody and Sherman created by Ted Kay about a very smart dog and he adopted a human boy named Sherman.  Now they updated the story and it is GREAT.  The voice of Mr. Peabody has changed to Ty Burrell (Modern Family) but he is still a smart dog and his greatest creation is called WABAC or time machine.  It is well done kids and adults who remember the series will love it.  GO!!!


PLOT: Remake of the same movie in 1986 with a black cast.

                I didn’t see the movie 1986 that had Demi Moore and Rob Lowe but I have seen this one and it is outrageous and funny and at times poignant.  It is about two couples trying to make a relationship last after meeting at a bar and having sex on the first date.  Michael Early and Joy Bryant are the sweet couple while Kevin Hart and Regina Bell are the freaky and funny couple.  Guess what couple is more interesting?  It is good if this is the kind of movie you are looking for.


PLOT:  Trying to leave her home town to start in New York Veronica helps an ex-boyfriend who is accused of murder.

                I have never watched an episode of Veronica Mars, the teenaged private eye now a grown woman wanted to become a lawyer in New York yet helps her ex boyfriend and goes to her high school reunion.  The script is very witty and the fans should be proud they got the movie made. It is amazing the power of fans. It is worth a look just how the cult favorite came on the big screen by the power of the loyal fans.


PLOT:  A marshal has to stop a madman from killing people on a plane.

                Liam Neeson is Bill Marks a grieving alcoholic who is also an air marshal.  He gets on a plane and has to find out who and why he wants to kill someone every twenty minutes. The story is outrageous but Neeson acts well as a flawed but good person who knows his job.  It is very good. It also stars Lupita Nyongo who won the Oscar for supporting actress for 12 Years a Slave but she had nothing much to do in this film. Hopefully he’ll be in Expendables 4.


PLOT:    Hot rich girl meets handsome but poor bad boy.
                Love it or hate it the Twilight saga made Hollywood knows young girls go to the movies so they take a title of a successful book (there was a movie in 1981) and give it more of a teenage girl fantasy and call it a remake.  Jade (Gabriella Wilde) is rich girl and David (Alex Pettyfer) a handsome trouble guy and they fall in love despite her father’s objections played by Bruce Greenwood.  He is not the evil, controlling father to be that way he does have a reason.  Mr. Pettyfer is a good actor I hope he does better parts.  In this version David is a more caring guy than in the 1981.  He seemed like an over the top lust fiend. Who is outstanding is his black friend Mace (Dayo Okeniyi) as comic relief and he is so funny.  I also hope betters parts for him.


PLOT:  Teenaged girl must decide what fraction she belongs.

                This is a low-rent Hunger Games. The meaning of divergent means to be develops in different direction. In the distant future of Chicago teens are divided into different groups and Beatrice (Tris) Prior (played very well by Shailene Woodley) is happy to go to the military group when she meets and falls in love with Four (Theo James).  The good:  Female lead and can defend herself.  Action is very good when it happens.  The Bad:  Usually a white girl as the lead-never a minority but Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz) is what else her friend.  The movie is based on a novel by the same name and it is a trilogy so expect two more movies if not more.


PLOT:  The sequel to Marvel’s first avenger.

                Captain America (Chris Evans) still has to deal with his new modern environment, face a person from his past and gets a sidekick The Falcon (Anthony Mackie).  The plot is better than usual comic book movies and the action sequences are just fantastic!!!  It is surpasses the original!!  If you love superhero movies this one is for you!!  Don’t jump up after the credits!!!