Curse of the Baywatch Mummy

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                PLOT:  Treasure hunter finds an evil princess who wants to destroy the world.

                                Nick (Tom Cruise) is ex-military finds a tomb that belongs to Ahmant (Sofia Boutella, Star Trek Beyond, Kingsman: Secret Service) a wicked being who wants to conquer the world or destroy it.  She also picked Nick to be her lover. The movie is the (hopefully) beginning of Dark Universe from Universal, a movie company known for monsters and creatures.  The movie is a popcorn movie!  It is not Oscar winning cinema so why treat it as such.  It is not a reboot of the Mummy franchise with Brendan Frasier.  It is a good movie for a summer flick.  It is not doing well in the U.S. but better overseas.  If you like Mummy films in general you should see this; if not just wait. 


PLOT:  Reboot of the TV series of the same name.

                When you watch this movie you MUST do suspension of disbelief.  If you like the series you will like this but it has curse words and crude, sexual humor.  If you can deal with that then you will enjoy this film.  The women are beautiful and Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson and Zac  Efron are hulks.  The villainess of the movie is Priyanka Chopra (Quantico) and she is pretty good at being bad.  The film is doing terrible in America but very well overseas.  If you can deal what I wrote before go see it but if you can’t –wait.  I believe it will do better on video. 


PLOT:  A sick social experiment where people in an isolated office building have to kill or be killed.

                This is the office version of Battle Royale, where teens have to kill each other or be assassinated.  It is a B-movie but it has stars you have seen before like Tony Goldwyn (TV show Scandal), John C. McGinley (TV show Stan Against Evil), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy).  The film came out at the wrong time!  It is a bloody, violent movie about human nature must survive no matter the cost!  It is a fascinating downer and I hope that it does better on-demand, video and streaming for it is worth a viewing.

Same-o Prequels, Sequels, and Films of Wonder

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PLOT:  The sequel to the prequel of Prometheus!

                                I know it sounds crazy but it is correct; this is the sequel of Prometheus before Alien 1979.  Covenant means coming together and it is also the name of the spaceship in the film.  A group of astronauts are off course by an unexpected blast and they are awakening too soon and they discover a perfect planet until they find out the planet is not so perfect.  The “covenant” coming together is how the “Aliens” disturbing origin began.  The creatures have many other ways to invade the human body and it is nasty!  Ridley Scott directed both movies and Alien 1979 and it is very well made.  The director is making a third prequel.  How many prequels can you do?  It is not doing well in the US maybe no one has ever heard of so many prequels and sequels for one movie!  If you like the Alien franchise you should see this movie; if not wait until cable. 


                PLOT: The origin of the most famous Amazon ever.

                                Gal Gadot (Fast and Furious movies) is Diana an Amazon living and training in beautiful island in Themyscira when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, recent Star Trek movies) washes ashore.  She finds out there is war outside her world and decides to help Steve.  Basically you know the story of Wonder Woman but it is on the big screen with a female superhero.  Gadot is very good as Wonder Woman.  What she lacks in size she is very intense!  The fight scenes are slow-motion but AMAZING.  The villains are not great but not dull either only for they did not have much to do.  It is also directed by a woman Patty Jenkins whose last film was Monster in 2003. Much is riding on this blockbuster because if it fails-wait a looong time for female lead superhero. 

                PLOT:  The further tales of Jack Sparrow.

                                 Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has a past and his name is Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem,(No Country for Old Men, Skyfall) who kill all the ships at sea until he finds a mythical object to break the spell.  At least it is better than then last one.  It has all you expect in these kinds of movies.  Bardem is just amazing as the evil Captain Salazar.  He is a great actor but he plays a bad guy he gives the character depth but you still dislike him!  HIGHLIGHT:  Rotting  zombie sharks!!  If you like this movie series you should see this installment.

The Summer of Sequel and Remake Overload?

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PLOT:    Four Smurfs find a map where there are even more Smurfs and try to save them from the evil

                This movie is all animated-no live action but it is still delightful.  Smurfette still feels alone for she still is the only girl but they discover there are more Smurfs beyond the gray wall-even girl Smurfs.  The voices are different actors that include singer Demi Lovato (Smurfette), Joe Manganiello (Hefty), Brainy (Danny Pudi) and Clumsy (Jack McBrayer).  The evil Gargamel is voiced by Rainn Wilson.  The real surprise Julia Roberts does the voice of SmurfWilliow.  It is very cute and imaginative if you like the characters, if not wait for video.


PLOT:  The further adventures of Star-Lord and his crew.

                Peter Quill/Star-Lord(Chris Pratt) finds out by accident about his father Ego(Kurt Russell): Gamora (Zoe Saldana) finds out why her sister competes with her; Groot is growing; Rocket is still a thief and Drax (Dave Bautista) is not so angry like in the last movie.  The special effects are just amazing; there are some surprising cameos and 5 post credits so stay until it is over.  If you like the first film you will enjoy the second.  It is much lighter than the original but it does get sober near the end.  A good popcorn movie to start the summer.


PLOT:  A unique version of King Arthur.

                If you see this movie forget about Disney’s The Sword and the Stone-it isn’t!  It doesn’t have Merlin or Morgana either.  It is a gritty, realistic mixture of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and every other fantasy film you have seen.  Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim) is the title character who as child saw his parents die and survived by being a thief.  He finds out he is the true king but doesn’t want the title and what comes with it.

Astrid Berges-Frisbey is the Mage, a magical woman to guide him to his true purpose in life.  Hunnam is good as commoner turned king.  The best acting comes from Jude Law as Vortigen, the guy who took the kingdom from his brother.  The film is doing terrible in the US and overseas because it is not really a popcorn movie for the summer.  It is not any version most people know or it has been done so many times most people don’t want to see another tale of King Arthur.

Fantasies for Kids of All Ages

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PLOT:  In the future a young woman has a human brain but a cyborg body.

                Major Mia Killian (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind; her body robotic but has a human mind.  She is trained to be a weapon but also wants to know her past.  The live-action movie is based on the anime series of the same name.  Johansson actually looks like Major but many fans of the series wished they considered an Asian for the part.  There are many Asians actress but Hollywood prefers to go with a box-office star rather to have the ethnicity correct.  She was good as the rest of the cast and it is very sober.


PLOT:  A young kid and his baby brother in a suit must take out an evil guy to stop parents from loving their babies.

                An adorable baby in a black business suit pretends he is Tim’s baby brother while investigates his parents who works at Puppyco, a  toy company to make the ultimate toy puppy that will make all parents all over the world to love the puppy more than their own babies.  It sounds incredible but is very good and imaginative.  Alec Baldwin is simply great as the “baby” who is all business and nothing else.  It is delightful storytelling and very recommended.


PLOT:  Dom Tretto goes rouge!

                Dom (Vin Diesel) is on his honeymoon with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) when a mysterious woman named Cipher (Charlize Theron) forces Dom to work for her.  Here’s a big hint:  It is about family he doesn’t know about.  It is a fun popcorn movie in April.  It is incredible how the beginning of the franchise they were just race car drivers to minority Mission Impossible!  If you like the movie series up till now go see it; if not don’t.

Fantasy Reboots and Rebooted Aliens

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PLOT:  A live action remake of the classic animation of 1991

                Disney has stuck gold twice with the same movie.  Belle (Emma Watson, Harry Potter series) is a lover of books and through a series of events Belle must stay with the Beast.  They hate each other at first then begin to care for each other.  There are a few changes from the musical animation but it is good just as well.
The bad guy Gaston (Luke Evans) is very good playing a vain, macho creep.  If you enjoyed the animated film you will enjoy this as well. 


PLOT:  Five high school loners become superheroes.

                The original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers were very popular in the 90s and this is the reboot of the series and movie.  Instead of nice kids they are loners and outsiders who become friends become then superheroes and most important of all become a team to save the world.  Most of the cast are newcomers.  The two that are not are Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Godzilla 2014) as Zordan their leader and Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games) as  Rita Repulsa.  She is a comic villainess and she is very good. The special effects are amazing.  It is like the Power Rangers in the 90s, fun but forgettable. 


PLOT:    Astronauts bring back a specimen from Mars.

                Six astronauts that includes Jake Gyllenhaal (South Paw), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation) who retrieves a sample from Mars.   Bad idea.  At first it is cute (it is shaped like a leech to me) then it grows into a blob-shaped octopus slithering over objects and killing the crew.  It is your typical don’t-bring-back-things-from-other planets scenio.  Nothing really stands out but the special effects and the eerie music.  It maybe a sequel but I really doubt it and when you watch the movie you can see why.  It will be better on video.