Sunday, April 21, 2013

Early 2013 DVDs for Action Hounds


PLOT:  Frankenstein is still alive and still racing!!

Convicted cop killer Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) who is Frankenstein who is one race away from freedom has to deal with a new boss Niles York (Dougray Scott, Mission Impossible 2) and Death race is now in South Africa for he wants it to go global.  Story is not the strong point but the driving cars and action is!! It is very good and I believe there will be a fourth.   Luke Goss is a very talented actor so I don’t know why he is doing B-movies.  Maybe he likes them.  Action hounds rejoice!!!


PLOT:  Enforcer has to deliver something very important to a rival crime lord.

Ex-wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin is Tommy who is married and wants a better life for him and wife.  He also works for the mob so when his boss tells him to take a mysterious  item to another crime boss he must agree but he is attacked by people he didn’t expect.  I like Steve Austin so any movie he is in is good even when it isn’t.  His co-star is Dolph Lundgren.  The fight scene between the two could have lasted much longer.  If you can wait, wait if not buy it.


PLOT:  Military man comes home and one of his sisters sees a murder.

Wrestler Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin is the latest Marine in the straight-to-video series.  It is a good B-action film.  If you like high body count you will like it.  The Miz doesn’t bring anything new to the genre but it is still a fun ride.


The only reason I saw this video because it has my favorite underrated actor Luke Goss.  It is a good movie about a bad assassin and it gives background of why he is cold blooded.  The music is eerie and it does have action but not a lot.  It is well made for a straight-to-video release.  It is like an IFC film with kills so be warned.


I love Iron Man regardless if it is animated or live action!!  This movie is about a mysterious young man who develops advance technology out doing Tony Stark and he has to save the world from him.  The best thing beside Iron Man is that they have the Punisher as a guest star by the voice of Norman Reedus (Walking Dead, Darryl Dixon).  How I wish they would do an animated series of Punisher!!  It would be violent but so good!!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Action and Retaliation in Spring 2013


PLOT: Man wants revenge that killed his wife and child.

Colin Farrell is Victor who is moody for he wants death to a crime boss who killed his family and he meets Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) a scarred women who wants vengeance of her own.  The trailer is better than the movie.  The acting is good especially Farrell and Rapace and when there is action it is very good.  It is not a typical Hollywood action drama so it didn’t do well at the box office but when it comes out on video it will do better.


PLOT:  A 911 operator tries to save a young girl’s life.

Halle Berry is a 911 operator and one of the thing they are not suppose to do is get emotional attached to the person in need.  She does as she tries to save a young woman from a killer of young girls.  It is a tense ride until the far-fetch finish but it is very good.  Oscar winner Ms. Berry is believable as the concerned operator.  Abigail Breslin is great as the frightened young woman.  Morris Chestnut is good as Berry’s handsome cop boyfriend and for the wrestler world David Otunga is pretty good as Chestnut’s partner but has very little to do.


PLOT: Sequel to GI Joe: Rise of Cobra.

If you didn’t like the first GI Joe you won’t like this one.  It is a popcorn movie, a cartoon made into live action!! Many people and fans are hating on this movie but not me.  I enjoyed in very much.  Maybe because Duke (Channing Tatum) dies and Roadblock (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) is the new leader.  I found him annoying as a wrestler and a good screen presence as an actor!!  Don’t see it in 3D unless you want to pay more it’s just as good in 2D.  Action hounds rejoice, a summer blockbuster came in March!!

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