Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Wrath of Games and Fantasies


This film is set in the future where it is broken down in twelve districts and two teenagers- a boy and girl must fight to the death with 23 other teens to be played out on television. Katniss Everdeen (played very well by Jennifer Lawrence(X-Men First Class) isn’t chosen but volunteers to be in The Hunger Games instead of her sister. She is taken away from her poverty district and see The Capitol where there is an abundance of everything, woo to the crowd to get endorsements then must be trained then be killed.!!! Thats a mindf*ck to me.

The film is being compared to many other movies including Twilight, The Running Man and Battle Royal. It is all of the above. It is better to read the books by Suzanne Collins because books tell more detail. I didn’t read the books but the movie is very good if you read or not read the books. It is like Twilight for it is a popular book but it has action and the heroine is not waiting to be saved she can save herself. It is like Battle Royal but not as violent. It is good for the fans of the books but if you’re not interested wait for video.


Director Jonathan Liebesman who did Battle Los Angeles now does this movie and it is action packed. Perseus (Sam Worthington) must save his father Zeus (Liam Neeson) from Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Aries (Edgar Ramirez) who capture him for Kronos. That’s about it for plot. Could have easily been titled Wrath of the Brothers because Zeus and Hades are brothers, Perseus, a demigod fights his godly brother Aries. Acting not really important in this kind of movie but Neeson and Fiennes are good. Special effects are amazing. Not doing very well in the US because of The Hunger Games but overseas doing extremely well. Will there be a next? I have no idea.


The classic tale of Snow White gets a makeover!!! You know the story but it is sooo different. Julia Roberts is good as being the comical yet villainess Queen. Lily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins) is cute as the title character. You have to believe a lot in this lush looking film. Director Tarsem Singh (The Immortals) is more style than substance and the music by Alan Menken is wonderful. It is great for kids but for everyone else. If you are a fan of Roberts go but if not, wait for cable!!!
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