Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hollywood, Enough With White Saviors


What is WSS? It is White Savior Syndrome. In movies-–especially sports movies there is a poor black male and white person saves them. Examples are ‘Against The Ropes' with Meg Ryan, 'Glory Road' with Josh Lucas and the latest is ‘Blindside’ with Sandra Bullock. All these movies mean well but as a black person I get tired of seeing this. Are there no rich black families to help disadvantaged black kids?

Now before you go hating on me, I know the Hollywood game. They want that almighty box-office weekend, and they need blacks and whites buying tickets, but it is working on my nerves!!!

Contrast this with Tyler Perry, while many whites don’t know him, black audiences do. You see in his fims what you otherwise NEVER see in a Hollywood movie--a middle class black couple!! If a popular black actor is in mainstream commercial movie he or she MUST be paired up with a white or Latina. We always see a white couple. What’s up with that---or even better, I am tired of that!! Hollywood must realize niche audiences always come back if they like what they see. Not all movies have to make 100 million in a weekend. Enough already!!
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Ninjas and the Blind: Year End Wrap


It is hard to believe that director James McTeigue made ‘V For Vendetta’ for it was intense and very intelligent. ‘Ninja Assassin’ well, that’s another story. It is about Raizo starring Rain, as one of the best killers in the world taught by the Ozunu Clan. He rebels when a friend is senselessly killed by the clan and tries to save an agent the beautiful, black Naomie Harris from them. Lets face it, this is not about plot. This is about stylized slashing!!! It is done very well too---you can’t beat that opening!! I don’t understand why the studio released it around Thanksgiving with all the blood-letting, but do see it--–in theaters or on video, whichever---if you like action movies, THIS IS for you!!!


This movie is based on a true story, and it is about a homeless black kid with a body of linebacker who is helped by a white woman named Leigh Ann Tuohy. Through her he learns to read, have a family and become a football player. Sandra Bullock is very good as a tough, loving mom. Newcomer Quinton Aaron is great as Michael Oher, the black teen who is taken under Leigh’s wing. Who I liked the best is Leigh’s son’s SJ played by Jae Head. He is cute, cheerful and confident with Michael. It is a feel good drama. The director John Lee Hancock made “The Rookie” in 2002 with Dennis Quaid and it shows. Should you see it? Yes, if you want to feel good about being a human being. Why shouldn’t you see it? It's a better woman-of-the week TV movie if you want to wait, and if you don’t like Sandra Bullock.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Precious Indeed

‘PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL PUSH BY SAPPHIRE’ is stunning. WARNING: This movie is NOT a popcorn movie!!! It is raw and horrific because of subject matter (incest) abuse of all kinds and skin color. Knowing that you know it is an independent film and there are happy moments. The story is about an obese, black (dark skinned) 16 year old girl named Claireece “Precious” Jones is abused by both parents--–her father sexually and her mother verbally and physically.

She fantasizes about being white, being thin and being loved by a light-skinned black man. In reality she is poor and can’t read, and is pregnant with her second child. She decides to go to an alternative school despite her mother’s objections. There, she begins to love herself and learns to read and write. She doesn’t lose weight, but gains knowledge as to why her mother was such a be-itch.

THE ACTING: Gabourey Sidible, is a newcomer who is just fantastic!! Lots of people know this story from the book or from their own life experience, but she shows every emotion and you have to cheer for her. If she is at least not nominated –--there should be no Oscars!!! Mo’Nique---yes, that plus-size pretty comic talk show host plays her always attacking mother. She too deserves an Oscar nomination. Others to mention who you would or couldn’t think could act, did an excellent job. Like Mariah Carey downplaying her good looks to be a good social worker, and Lenny Kravitz as a male nurse who showed Precious not all black men are brutal and uncaring.

BOTTOM LINE: This movie is really hard to watch, but if you want good acting and good directing this is the movie for you. You should always read the books before the movie, but I am ordering the novel as I write this!
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2012---Fall Becomes Summer Again

Bottom line: A Serious Subject Turned Into A Mindless Summer Movie

I enjoy summer movies because they don’t try to do anything but entertain but this movie, ‘2012,’ is about the end of the world!! It is action packed, special effects are great, but people, that’s not how our world is going to go out!! The star of the movie isn’t really Jon Cusack but Chiwetel Ejiofor, a scientist who finds out the word is crumbling. It’s just a fun summer movie that came out in November. You know what to expect from Roland Emmerich(‘Independence Day’) Big explosions, vice-presidents dead, heroic presidents and animals being saved.
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Twilight: New Moon, No Sense


I don’t get it. I finally saw it the other night and I am saying bad words about it, for it seems every female on the planet saw this movie!! It made history for one day box office and the weekend. It has made over 200 million dollars and for what? Only one person dies in the movie, so it’s not for gore hounds; not much action---if you see the trailer you have seen most of it. I have never read any of the novels and I hear they are awful, but the books no matter how bad are better than the movie. I am baffled.

The story is about Bella (Kristen Stewart) who is distraught about her vampire-lover leaving her? Her best friend is hunky Taylor Lautner who is a werewolf, as she finds out the hard way. She finds out she loves them both but chooses her vampire-lover Edward (Robert Pattinson). This movie is 2 hours and 10 minutes folks.

The Good: The Wolf-Pack---topless mostly through the movie!! That is one of the pluses!! Taylor Lautner is topless too. Alice (Ashley Greene) Edward’s bubbly sister. Michael Sheen (Aro) and Dakota Fanning (Jane) the leaders of the vampire clan Volturi. Those two are very creepy. They could make a movie about the Volturi and it would probably be better. Mr. Sheen has done full circle. He was the werewolf leader in ‘Underworld’ and now leader of the vampire in this movie. He is good in both.

The Bad: Everything else!! I do understand Bella’s torment being dumped by her boyfriend, but he did do it for a reason. As for the rest of the film: It is sooo slooow. It is like a flat-line machine that spikes every forty-five minutes.

Bottom Line: This movie is critic-proof, but the only thing (and it is a good thing) it signifies is that teen girls and females can bring in box office. Hollywood, are you listening? To all other people, see the cheaper version---‘The Vampire Diaries’ on CW, then decide for yourself.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Paranormal Activity, the Trailer

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On Paranormals and Zombies

ZOMBIELAND---It’s A Great Ride!!

“Zombieland” is a fun summer movie which was in October. Only 4 survivors (so far) after the plague: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, while everyone else is a (what else) a zombie! Simple story, but what makes it wonderful is Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee. He is a funny, fearless badass!! Jesse Eisenberg is okay as Columbus. His fear of everything and his rules keep him alive. The females Emma Stone and young Abigail Breslin are pretty good as con artists. There is a guest star but you have to see the movie to see who it is. I hear they made to a sequel. I do hope they make it.


Gore hounds and people who love lots of blood and guts-this movie is not for you!!! This movie is very sloooow, but when it gets good it really good!! The movie is a huge success and the budget was only $11,000!!! The movie is about a couple---Katie Featherstone (she is very good) and Micah Sloat. The boyfriend loves his camera equipment and films everything and the woman has a ghost that is haunting her, thus the title. What makes it interesting that most of the time nothing really happens –like in real life but it builds to a shocking ending!!! Entertainment Weekly magazine said there was 3 different endings-all terrifying!!!

Bottom Line: It is like a good episode of “Ghost Hunters.” Gore hounds, wait for video or cable.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Locker Trailer

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Extremes

Some curious films I belatedly got to see:

The Hurt Locker

“The Hurt Locker” is one of the best movies about war since “Saving Private Ryan”!!! A brave statement because it IS! This film is about a bomb disposal specialist played by newcomer Jeremy Renner. He is good at what he does, and loves what he is doing. What makes the movie so terrifying is that you’re in the center of the action and (hostile?) people are around you, and you don’t know if they are friend or foe? It is very suspenseful.

Director by Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break, K-19 The Widow Maker) does an excellent job showing how taxing, thrilling and dangerous the job is. Screenwriter who is also a journalist Mark Boal keeps the dialogue very real. It is an intelligent movie overlooked for the studio decided to place it among blockbusters!!! This is not a blockbuster movie-it is a great movie. I hope it is nominated for BEST PICTURE at the Oscars.

Crank 2: High Voltage

“Crank 2” (on DVD) can be described as one crazy-ass ride!!! If you saw the first film the mob injected him with a Beling Cocktail and he can’t slow down or die. This time the mob takes his heart and replaces it with an artificial heart and he has to keep pumping himself with electricity!! Does he really need his heart back? He is Superman without it! Plot is not important but the action is!!! There is plenty of action, sex, bad behavior for about several movies. The film is an upgraded exploitation movie. If you are easily offended my advice---see it on DVD or Blu-ray. I did. I was told when I went to see another movie, a complete stranger told me don’t see the movie for people booed at the screen!! This movie is not for everyone but if you like action, comedy and pure madness this movie is for you.

A Small Note

Angelina Jolie is a very good actress, but the tabloids make her out to be a controlling man-eater. She can do action and she can act---very rare for actresses today. In the movie “Changeling” she's is a mother in the 1920’s who loses her son and the police replace him with another boy. It is not her son, but when she complains they put her in a sanitarium and she is abused there!! This is not for people who groove on 18-34 demographic movies. It is depressing, sad and at the end hopeful. The acting is nothing short of amazing and Jolie deserves her Oscar nomination. I saw it on Cinemax but I wish I saw it the theater.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

District 9 is a Good Find

Usually, near the end of summer studios put out odd, or just plain bad movies, but “District 9” is not one of them. The sci-fi movie is very good and made dirt cheap---$30 million (compare that to today’s blockbusters).

It is about an alien ship over Johannesburg, and the aliens are treated as badly as some nations treat people on earth. They keep them in a ghetto section titled District 9. The good ole government wants to know more about their technology so they get a lackey (Sharlto Copley) to invade their territory. Bad idea! The movie is great for its having no big name stars---though it does have the talented “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson as the producer. The director Neill Blomkamp made a great film on a limited budget.

The movie is rated R for a reason---it is very violent, and proves once again big names, big budget doesn’t always mean big hit!!! It is worth watching in the theater, worth watching again on Blu-Ray or DVD. It is worth watching, period!!!
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Friday, August 14, 2009

YO JOE!!!!! So Stupid, Yet So Good

Action Hounds, wolf, wolf this is movie for you!!! This action is wack, mindless fun entertainment!!!

The story is how two guys Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) join the elite team of G.I. Joe. Story for this kind of film is not important but the action is!!! I have been reading online about some people say it is the worst movie ever!! They go into great detail why it sucks!! I don’t know what movie they saw but I thought the live-action flick was great!! It is a summer movie- and it is in August!! What do they want Oscar nominations!!!

My main problem is they scrambled characters origins. If you see the movie and then goggle about the characters you mouth will drop!!! I don’t know why Hollywood changes original origins but as a movie it gets to the action and it gets to it right away!!!

Channing Tatum and Ripcord are good for a summer movie. The sexy Sienna Miller is great as the evil Baroness-–guys will love her rack!! She is also sweet as Ana. Ray Park stole the show as the silent Snake Eyes and Byung-hun Lee is great as bad guy Storm Shadow. Dennis Quaid, sadly wasn’t it the movie very much but when he was gave the cheesiest lines ever!! Joseph Gordon-Lewis as The Doctor and Cobra Commander is a low-rent Darth Vader but he wasn’t bad. It made a lot of money this weekend so I hope there is a sequel-if you see the movie it has part 2 all over it!!

Bottom Line: I have to tell you to me--it was the best popcorn movie I have seen in awhile. I have seen ‘Transformers 2!’ It is a guilty pleasure in the highest!!!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half Blood Prince: Good If You Like Harry Potter

Let me just say I am not crazy about the Harry Potter movies. Never read the books and the movies are wonderfully made but they don’t interest me. The latest installment is like all the others very good and you must have some idea about the last five to understand HP6!!

The Good: The cast!! All are great and they are growing. The teenagers are very good actors. The plot is confusing to me yet exciting with all the intrigue. The special effects are exceptional!!!

The Bad: The creepiest opening of a film that I have ever seen and the ending anti-climatic (to the action hounds-nothing happens) and someone that you admires dies. If you read the book you know what they took out left in and was the ending like the book.

Bottom Line: If you love Harry Potter this is a great movie--if you don’t care too much for it, please don’t go!!!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Director Michael Mann is a good director but what a mess he can make of adaptations---e.g., he screwed up his own TV creation ‘Miami Vice’ in 2006. So I hesitate on pushing his movies, but ‘Public Enemies’ was nothing short of great!!! Set in the 1930’s, John Dillinger was given more press than the cops!! He broke out of jail and could rob banks less in 2 minutes. He had to be stopped, and the man who did it was agent Melvin Purvis. Typical crime story if it wasn’t true.

Johnny Depp as Dillinger was good--he can act. Mr. Intensity himself Christian Bale is always good. I wish he would do a romantic-comedy to lighten up a bit. French actress Marion Cotillard who won an Oscar for ‘La Vie Rose’ as “Lady In Red” was good as well. To be honest all the actors were very good.

The bad is glorifying the criminal. It is exciting but either they are killed or go into a witness protection program--both a sad end for a charismatic, egoistical set of criminals who swear they can’t be caught. I hate to say it, but I can’t wait for what Michael Mann does next.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Transformers 2---I Have 'Fallen' in Love!!

I saw the movie Thursday and I must tell you the movie was great!!! I have been reading on websites about the racial overtones and bathroom humor which I didn’t care for but this is for teens.

All the money this movie is making I am sure he won’t have it in ‘TF3’.

The action is totally awesome, and you know in this movie why Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots for he kicks MAJOR BUTT!!! The action is the only thing worth seeing. But, Megatron as a follower? I don’t buy that either. with all its faults, it is still worth to watch.

Plot not really worth explaining but here goes Sam (Shia Labeouf) is going to college but a shared on the Allspark he touched and he sees crazy symbols and trying to figure it out. His roommate played by Ramon Rodriguez is cute and crazed for he believes there are aliens on earth-he is in for a ride!! His sexy girl friend Mikela (Megan Fox) ends up with him in another wild adventure.

I didn’t like Shia and Megan in the first movie but I did this time around and I hate to admit I finally believed he is a hero. The military gets tries to take down the Deceptioncons as they to destroy the earth. Director Michael Bay makes the military very heroic too. Even John Turturro and the “black-sounding robots” help saving the day.

‘TF3’ is coming-I can’t wait!!!!

Bottom Line: The movie is an expensive dumb flick with the best action sequences I have ever seen. You MUST get DVD or Blu-ray when it comes out to figure out all the fast and furious scenes you missed in the theater!!!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Gotta See ‘UP’

Animation movies have come a long way!! Pixar has to be praised for making great animation movies but ‘Up’ is very good. What makes this movie good besides animation is great story telling. It is about an elderly man who had big dreams of going to place he always dreamed about but life got in his way. Finally he gets his wish and finds out what he really wants. It is very creative, funny and sad. You care about these characters! They are better than real actors! They are selling it like a kid’s movie but it’s not kid stuff. It is quite poignant. It is a hit at the box office and if you watch it you will know why.
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This ‘HANGOVER’ You Will Like!

Summer of 2009 is very strange. Blockbusters like ‘Wolverine’, ‘Termination Salvation’ and ‘Star Trek’ are doing well but not great. Then a small budget comedy (30 million!!) comes along and racks it in!! The story is simple - four guys go to Las Vegas to give one of their friends a great time before he gets married. The adventures they get into are funny but raunchy. The shocking part is that women are going to watch the movie!! It is very funny and my guess how far they went to save a friend. It is rated R for a reason!!! If you enjoy this kind of bathroom humor by all means go if not-- wait!
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‘DRAG ME TO HELL’ To The Movie –Not The Real Thing!

When you have a horror movie coming out in the summer, rated PG-13 and no gore you have to be very creative and yet Sam Raimi who did ‘Evil Dead’ series and ‘Spider-Man’ series does just that!

The story is very simple Alison Lohman is a loan officer who wants so badly that promotion as assistant manager she doesn’t give an old gypsy woman a renewal on her mortgage to prove she is a tough player. Big mistake!! The old woman puts a curse on her and before she is drag to hell-it is hell on earth for Lohman! Now in the trailer our loan officer is just ambitious-she is not as sweet as you think!  

Alison Lohman is good but the star of the show is Lorna Raver as Mrs. Ganrush, the old gypsy woman-she is sympathetic one minute, scary most of the movie! There is no gore but there is gross-lots and I mean LOTS OF REGURITATION (look it up!) I do hope we see more of her in the future. The movie didn’t do so well maybe it was PG-13. I do hope it does well on video for it is good without the gore!! If Sam Raimi wasn’t involved at all this movie would have probably not been of interest at all.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Phat RANT #1

More Originality Please!!!!!

Is it me or is Hollywood playing it so safe that all we get is reboots, remakes, sequels and prequels? I understand the budgets are rocketed sky-high but come on!! I am writing this article because when I saw in one of my favorite web sites that they are making a movie about Bazooka Joe, that was it! That was a kid with a patch over his eye to sell bubble gum!!!

Can Hollywood make something new that the public likes? Millions of screenwriters are rejected for they have an original idea but Hollywood is too busy trying to make a quick buck with our money. I do enjoy remakes, sequels, and reboots but sometimes you gotta be creative!!! To make a sequel you have to make something fresh first! Fans should protest or boycott to Hollywood to come up with new ideas. If you want repetition watch television!! I thought movies were a “higher art.”


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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Lost in the Headlights Look---Fans on T4

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A BIG Summer Movie in May

 Action hounds (woof, woof) this is the movie for you!!! Lots of things blowing up, great CGI effects and “the revitalizer” himself Christian Bale steps in as John Connor trying to save the world from Skynet and the machines. Plot not really important if the you know the series but here goes.

In 2018 humans fight against the robots and Connor has to free Kyle Reese--Anton Yelchin (Chekov in Star Trek) from prison in Los Angeles. Along the way they meet a guy named Marcus played by Sam Worthington who is very important to the survival of Connor. The acting is good especially by the always intense Christian Bale and newcomer Sam Worthington is quiet good. A lot of critics and fans don’t like the rapper Common in the movie. I think he did okay. It is not his movie.

The child actress Jadagrace as Star Kyle’s assistant is great!!! She doesn’t talk but she speaks volumes!!! I think there will be a T5 if this movie is a success which I think it is for the ending leaves you wanting more. What else I like was John Connor asked the question: “What makes us human?” It is pretty thoughtful for an action movie considering what is going on in the world today.

Bottom Line: If you like action-go! If you like Terminator movies-you GOTTA GO!!  

Note: “Terminator 4: Salvation is not box office; “Night of The Museum 2: Battle Of The Smithsonian” can’t beat a family film I guess.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fans Speak Out on New Star Trek

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BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!!!!! Star Trek Fever

I saw “Star Trek” and it is very good. The story is about time travel and an evil guy named Nero. The plot isn’t as interesting as the younger actors who play the classic “Star Trek”characters.


Chris Pine as James T. Kirk---not bad as the handsome cowboy and playboy captain.

Zachary Quinto as Spock---logical choice.

Karl Urban as Leonard “Bones” McCoy---he was excellent as the scruffy doctor. It is like DeForest Kelly is alive again it’s creepy. Best casting I ever seen!!!

Simon Pegg as Montgomery Scott (Scotty)---great choice. The actor seem to enjoy his role very much.

John Cho as Hikaru Sulu---not bad but I liked the old Sulu George Takei.

Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov---his accent is very thick. He was just okay.

Zoe Saldana---as Noyta Uhura-beautiful black woman. She does the best she can do with the role.

Eric Bana as Nero---the villain and I was disappointed. He was intense and had promise as a bad guy but lets face it he is no Khan played by the late, great Ricardo Montalban-not even close!!!

Bottom Line:  You don’t have to be a fan to enjoy it but it’s better if you are a fan and if you don’t like change please don’t go!!!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wolverine Trailer (4 Claws for this too!!!)

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine---4 CLAWS!!!!!

Comic books that turn into movies can be very difficult but some directors try hard, while some don’t. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” to me as a movie is pure entertainment. When going deeper into the real origins of the characters, that’s when the problems arise. Continue to read the comics books if you want the full, real story about their beginnings. I am not sure this film is exactly the origin of Wolverine, but it is close (I haven’t read the origin myself). He was always a mutant, and because of love and vengeance (and an assist by "Dr. Military") he becomes an improved mutant!! If you see the movie you will understand why other characters like a young Cyclops are there. A special guest X-Men star is in there too!

What is Good---HUGH JACKMAN!!! That guy is toned and tanned!!! Not only that he is a bad-ass!!! I know that producers want the teen audience, and the movie should be rated R to really show what Wolverine can do, but he does fine for what PG-13 can offer. The action is terrific even if it is mindless. Ryan Reynolds is great as DeadPool, but he isn’t in it long enough!! I hope they do a movie about him. (I don’t know anything about this character, but I will read up!) Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth would not be my first choice but what he lacks in size, he makes up in his performance, as he shows how creepy and evil he is!! Danny Houston (30 Days of Night) is great as Stryker. He's devious, cunning--- that is, a perfect government official!!

What Is Bad---A movie that cost 150 million big ones, with all the special effects, should have been good---and some wasn’t. Mutants come in and out without even a little back-story provided.

Bottom Line---Action hounds, this movie is for you. If you know nothing of X-Men or the trilogy you will still enjoy this movie. If you read comics and know your comics---beware!!


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Get Obsessed!!!

Thank goodness Glenn Close from “Fatal Attraction” gave actresses a new part to play besides The Wife, The Girlfriend, The Mother---now, The Psycho Bitch!  In “Obsessed,” Ali Larter plays a crazed white chick stalking a successful, loving married black man. Let’s face it, this is a Lifetime movie for black women. It is a great guilty pleasure.

Beyonce plays the wife and she is one tough female. Bad-ass Beyonce wears the pants and the panties, and when you watch the movie “Obsessed” you will know exactly what I mean! Honestly I don’t know if Idris Elba (as the husband) is either p----y whipped or he loves his wife. Beyonce is a big star and in her countless interviews, she clearly indicatws she wants to win an Oscar. Well America, she is gonna get it but not right now.

So few parts for women of color exist, that when a simplistic movie like this does come around black women flock to it!!! That’s very sad. Idris Elba is a good actor. He was in “American Gangster” and “The Wire.” Ali Larter who is in “Heroes” is a pretty girl, I do think she is a good actress and I hope she receives better parts other than psycho bad-girl.

What's Good---Beyonce and Idris are ideal black upper-class couple. He resists the white girl’s advances and tries very hard to be a gentleman. The n-word is not used and of course the catfight!!

What’s Bad---Ali Larter’s Lisa. To ask a cliched question, just what is her motivation? No back-story of why she is nuts and stalking men. She's is just an evil white woman driven to get somebody’s husband. No sympathy for her. Her only reason for being seems to be she is in the movie is to make Beyonce look good, and even better when she kicks her ass!

Bottom Line---If you like these kinds of movies, naturally you will like this one. If you don’t, wait for video, but is it great fun if you're with a group of females praising the brother for not being seduced by the white girl. and cheering on the catfight!! The movie was going to be called “Oh No She Didn’t,” but I guess it sounded too ghetto. So get "Obsessed," but don't get too carried away about it!


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Movie I Wish I Saw In Theaters---Yes Yes, to No- No “Notorious”

Notorious is about the short life of rapper Christopher (Biggie Smalls) Wallace . I like rap music, but bios about rappers is another story. I saw “Notorious” on DVD and I must say it was very good. When they make movies about real people you should read about them before you see the movie, for they add or take out things that didn’t happen in their lives. He grew up poor, became a drug dealer, then a rapper. Jamal Woolard as Biggie is fantastic---he gained weight for the role and did a very good job. Always talented Angela Bassett is even better as the mother of Biggie. She could have her own biopic made of what she went through besides raising her son.

Newcomer Naturi Naughton plays Lil Kim. She got the skank part right, but the relationship with Biggie was a little bit more complex---that’s why the real Lil Kim didn’t like the movie and the way she was portrayed. The entire cast was fantastic. In a comment about Biggie one person said he got what he deserved. Well, every rapper, rock star and most actors would be dead then. It is rated R so there is nudity and very foul language-be prepared. If you saw it in the theaters good for you. The DVD has the extended version which I saw, but no extras.

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Jonny Quest News

 My sources say that Zac Efron (“High School Music”) is going to play Jonny Quest---yeah, I know, but at least it will probably be made now. They hope to get Dwayne Johnson to play Race Bannon. To play Dr. Benton Quest my choice is Bruce Harwood (“Lone Gunmen”) and for Hadji, Dev Patel (“Slumdog Millionaire”).  
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fast and Furious---Just The Way I Like It!

        The gang is back together in “FF-4”. It feels more like the sequel to “The Fast and Furious”in 2001. Plot is not the main ingredient in these kinds of movies, what is are hot cars, hot women and two hunks: Vin Diesel---one cool badass dude---and Paul Walker. The women Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster are good but eye candy. All four were in the original. The opening sequence lets you know what fun you are going to have for the rest of the movie. I do hope there is a “Fast and Furious 5”!

P.S.:  YEAH--Here Comes Fast and Furious 5!!!--- If your on the PC a lot you already know that they are going to make FF5 with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. It is set in Brazil---no release date yet.

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Knowing---Know That It Will Be At Your Video Store Soon!

       Nicolas Cage stars in “Knowing” end of the world picture. If you saw the trailer a young girl in the fifties writes a page full of numbers and Cage’s son gets after 50 years. It tells about disasters that will be coming. Parts of the movie are very suspenseful---especially the airplane crash---much more graphic in the movie. The special effects are great and the music is impressive but the plot you have seen in other movies. In short if you like Nicolas Cage and disaster movies you will like this---if not, please don’t bother.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Punisher War Zone 2008, and More Punishment

I got the DVD of “Punisher-War Zone.” I saw the movie in theaters and I am one of the few folks who loved it. I bought the two discs and usually I don’t but this time it was good just too short. There has been 3 movies and I enjoyed them all. Each actor brings a different feel to the character Frank Castle.

Punisher-1989 starring Dolph Lundgren, directed by Mark Goldblatt. He was imposing and intense at times. Not a good actor but acting is not a requirement in an action B-movie.
Punisher-2004 starring Thomas Jane, directed by Jonathan Hensleigh. In this movie Jane’s Punisher was thinking man and compassionate person. It tells how he became a DEA agent to vigilante. John Travolta was good as the villain Howard Saint but he was invented-not in the comic book. (at least to my knowledge)

Punisher: War Zone-2008 starring Ray Stevenson directed by Lexi Alexander. Stevenson version is amazing. He looks like he stepped out of the comic book! He is tall, menacing, intense, non-talking killing machine!! The villain is Jigsaw ( Dominic West) and he is from the comic book and his brother Looney Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison). West and Hutchison over acts which is good to silent assassin Stevenson. Director Lexi Alexander( it is a woman!) does a great job. There is a lot of neon color. Maybe she has seen a lot of anime-beauty before bloodshed!! I wish they would make more movies on DVD. I sure would buy them.

Who Would Win? Punisher Vs. Rambo 

Who Would Win? Three–way dance---Dolph Lungren Vs. Thomas Jane Vs. Ray Stevenson
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Who Would YOU Cast?

This is a part of my blog of casting for upcoming movies. It can be outrageous, it can be fun!!

Green Lantern- wrestler John Cena, Matt Damon,(“Bourne Identity”) Terrance Howard(“IronMan”)

Captain America- wrester John Cena, Paul Walker (“Fast and Furious”) Matt Damon

Thor-Karl Urban (“Doom”), wrestler Triple H

Black Panther- Morris Chestnut (“Boys In The Hood”)

Luke Cage- rapper 50 Cents

Wonder Woman- Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre “Watchmen”) Eliza Dushku (“Dollhouse”)

Megan Fox (“The Transformers”) if they put 20 pounds of muscle on her!

P.S.: “Wonder Woman” Animated
I just saw the“Wonder Woman” animated movie, and it is just fantastic!!! It is very violent for DC but nothing short of excellent. In summer of this year----get ready for “Green Lantern.”
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watching the Watchmen

I saw the “Watchmen.” Before I continue Please read the graphic novel first. Second, don’t expect the action-packed ending that Hollywood gives for it is not in this movie!!!  

The Good: Never have I seen a director (Zack Synder) make a movie so close to the graphic novel. He deserves an A for effort just for that. The ending is different from the graphic novel for good reason. Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach- just brilliant. Clint Eastwood sounding Punisher-type guy is great. Most of the actors are very good. The special effects are very good.
The Bad: If you don’t read the graphic novel you will be bored to death for the movie is very long and very little action-mostly talking. It’s a thinking man’s superhero movie if there is such a thing. “Watchmen” is a different kind of superhero movie I ever seen. I cannot stress this enough if you like action, action, action WRONG movie get the dvd which the movie is even longer. You will thank me.
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Movie Phat here!!! Been gone for awhile but I am back!!!

Bits and Pieces, post Oscar time:

• “Slumdog Millionaire”is a great movie, the commercials make it like a feel-good movie and it is but it is very unpleasant in spots.
• “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke is good. He deserves his Oscar nomination. I don’t like him that much but he was excellent .
• Oscar time-I DO HOPE HEATH LEDGER WINS!!! He deserves it and not because he’s dead either.
• “Friday The 13th”-the update. Don’t like remakes much-watch on DVD.
• 2/24/2009 HEATH LEDGER WON!!! I am so glad. Only reason why I watched.

WARNING!!! This is for only people who are REALLY into bad movies. I read about “The Room” by Entertainment Weekly. It’s not a horror movie but a tragic love story. It has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Tommy Wiseau wrote directed and stars in it. He has been called gay, retarded and weird but (to me) he is just a bad actor. He raised 6 million dollars on his movie but it doesn’t look it. Watch this movie like said if you enjoy so bad it’s funny. It has a cult following and when you watch the movie you will know why. You will either thank me or insult me. You can see “The Room” March 20 at Midnight at Village Cinema East 22 E. 12 Street Phone Number 212-924-3363. You can also buy it at Amazon under $14.00 dollars.

GODZILLA FANS ONLY-Do you want to see “King Kong VS. Godzilla” 2008 screenplay. Please write to the following address:
MARY PARENT, Chairman, Worldwide Motion Picture Group
MGM Studios
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Please write to her I would like to see Godzilla again on the big screen.

I saw two good movies “Soul Men” and “Miracle At St. Anna”

 “Soul Men” starred my two favorite actors Samuel L. Jackson and the late, great Bernie Mac. One of the singers of the Real Deal dies and they go cross-country to pay tribute and to start their careers again. It’s a road movie and a teen sex comedy. They use the N-word a lot but it is a lot of fun.

 “Miracle at St. Anna” is an epic movie about black soldiers in World War 2. The performances are nothing short of fantastic. Derek Luke as Stamps is brilliant. I believe he will be the next Denzel Washington. Director Spike Lee is best black director in my opinion. He makes movies that make you think!! The movie is very long and lots of subtitles. Prepare to read a lot!!
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