Monday, June 23, 2014

Movies of Future, And Past


PLOT:  The X-men have to do time-travel to stop a breed of robots that only targets mutants.

                This a good movie!!  It is action-packed and well acted summer blockbuster.  My only concern is if there is another movie will the entire cast come back??  There are five X-men movies and I enjoy them all but some are getting old.  Directed Bryon Singer who directed the first still knows how to make these kinds of films.  The stand outs are Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Quicksilver (Evan Peters) he was great as comic relief.


PLOT:  The untold back story of the witch of Sleeping Beauty.

                Angelina Jolie is GREAT as the witch of the classic fairytale.  She’s much better when she is evil but she does have her reasons.  The rest of the cast is good and the special effects amazing.  It is very well done for kids as well as adults.


PLOT:  Tom Cruise has to live one day over and over to save the world.

                This must have been some pitch to the studio that produced this:  Groundhog Day and Starship Troppers.  Cage (Tom Cruise) must repeat the same day over and over to save the world from spider looking monsters.  It is a confusing but thrilling adventure.  Emily Blunt plays against type but she is very good as a tough officer going through what Cage is.  The film is not doing well in the US but it will do very well on video to understand more of the story.


PLOT:  American version of the French thriller District 13.

                I didn’t want to see this film because of the death of the handsome actor Paul Walker.  He is very good and could easily be a new action star.  The story is still the same for this film.  In the future Detroit is so violent they build a wall so the poor can’t get out.  The action  doesn’t wait long!!! The frenetic pace starts within ten minutes!!  David Bell who was in the original French film and in this one and he is AMAZING with his Parkour skills!!!  It didn’t do very well in theaters but DO watch on video!!!

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