Fantasies for Kids of All Ages

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PLOT:  In the future a young woman has a human brain but a cyborg body.

                Major Mia Killian (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind; her body robotic but has a human mind.  She is trained to be a weapon but also wants to know her past.  The live-action movie is based on the anime series of the same name.  Johansson actually looks like Major but many fans of the series wished they considered an Asian for the part.  There are many Asians actress but Hollywood prefers to go with a box-office star rather to have the ethnicity correct.  She was good as the rest of the cast and it is very sober.


PLOT:  A young kid and his baby brother in a suit must take out an evil guy to stop parents from loving their babies.

                An adorable baby in a black business suit pretends he is Tim’s baby brother while investigates his parents who works at Puppyco, a  toy company to make the ultimate toy puppy that will make all parents all over the world to love the puppy more than their own babies.  It sounds incredible but is very good and imaginative.  Alec Baldwin is simply great as the “baby” who is all business and nothing else.  It is delightful storytelling and very recommended.


PLOT:  Dom Tretto goes rouge!

                Dom (Vin Diesel) is on his honeymoon with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) when a mysterious woman named Cipher (Charlize Theron) forces Dom to work for her.  Here’s a big hint:  It is about family he doesn’t know about.  It is a fun popcorn movie in April.  It is incredible how the beginning of the franchise they were just race car drivers to minority Mission Impossible!  If you like the movie series up till now go see it; if not don’t.

Fantasy Reboots and Rebooted Aliens

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PLOT:  A live action remake of the classic animation of 1991

                Disney has stuck gold twice with the same movie.  Belle (Emma Watson, Harry Potter series) is a lover of books and through a series of events Belle must stay with the Beast.  They hate each other at first then begin to care for each other.  There are a few changes from the musical animation but it is good just as well.
The bad guy Gaston (Luke Evans) is very good playing a vain, macho creep.  If you enjoyed the animated film you will enjoy this as well. 


PLOT:  Five high school loners become superheroes.

                The original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers were very popular in the 90s and this is the reboot of the series and movie.  Instead of nice kids they are loners and outsiders who become friends become then superheroes and most important of all become a team to save the world.  Most of the cast are newcomers.  The two that are not are Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Godzilla 2014) as Zordan their leader and Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games) as  Rita Repulsa.  She is a comic villainess and she is very good. The special effects are amazing.  It is like the Power Rangers in the 90s, fun but forgettable. 


PLOT:    Astronauts bring back a specimen from Mars.

                Six astronauts that includes Jake Gyllenhaal (South Paw), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation) who retrieves a sample from Mars.   Bad idea.  At first it is cute (it is shaped like a leech to me) then it grows into a blob-shaped octopus slithering over objects and killing the crew.  It is your typical don’t-bring-back-things-from-other planets scenio.  Nothing really stands out but the special effects and the eerie music.  It maybe a sequel but I really doubt it and when you watch the movie you can see why.  It will be better on video.

The Spring Blockbusters Cometh

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PLOT:    Successful black male meets his white girlfriend’s parents with scary results.
                Chris (Daniel Kaluuya, Johnny English Reborn) is very much in love with Rose (Allison Williams, Girls HBO series) a pretty white woman.  They are getting serious and Rose wants him to meet her parents.  He is nervous for her folks doesn’t know he is African-American.  He goes anyway even when his good friend Rod (LilRel Howery, a stand-up comic) advises him not to go.  Big mistake for he starts seeing things that are very unsettling with the black maid and gardener.  He finally finds out what is going on and it is frightening!  Some people think it is slow because it is building to a creepy climax. There is a lot going on in this film. All the actors are great-especially Howery who is much needed comic relief and director Jordon Peele (part of Key and Peele-the one with the glasses who does skit comedy on Comedy Central) does a great job.

PLOT:  The final chapter of Wolverine.

                Logan (Hugh Jackman) is older and the adamantium is killing him yet he takes a job as a chauffeur and takes care of an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart).  A mysterious woman begs him to take a young girl Laura (Dafne Keen) to the Canadian border and they are endless hunted by the military to get the Laura back.  OMG!  This is not a POPCORN MOVIE!  There is humor but it is bloody, dark and grim.  It is a slow pace but when there is action it is a messy.  It is rated R for a very good reason.  Jackman is good for he can be human and horrifying too.  Keen mostly has a scowl on her face and when you watch the movie you will know why.  See it if you like Wolverine for Hugh Jackman says it’s his last(?).  If he did he ended it on a high but sad note.


PLOT:    In 1973 scientists and military go to an island that doesn’t exit and finds monsters.

                First, let me say King Kong is not my favorite giant monster until I saw this movie!  He is seen more than my favorite giant monster Godzilla 2014.  King Kong in 1933 is 25 feet, this one is 100 feet.  The people are expendable but they do what they can.  No one is going to see this epic movie for acting.  The monster action is AMAZING and the finale is FANTASTIC!!!  If the upcoming film Godzilla Vs King Kong is as good as this-shut up and take my money!  Giant monsters fans REJOICE!.  Stay for the extra footage.

More Thrillers, Or Thrillingly Silly

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PLOT:  Batman as a Lego character.

                Batman (Will Arnett, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles) loves being the lonely, anti-hero but he realizes he needs a team that’s like family to stop the evil Joker ( Zach Galifinakis) to from destroying Gotham City.  This movie is funny and shows Batman from the 60’s to now in funny ways. It has villains even from other movies. Arnett’s Batman is just great as the rest of the cast that includes Robin (Michael Cera), Batgirl (Rosario Dawson).  Kids and adults will enjoy this movie.


PLOT:  John Wick tries to retire again.

                John Wick (Keanu Reeves) wants to lead the quite life with his new dog, new home but an old friend needs his services so he has to kill a lot of people when there is a hit on him.  Story not a point in a movie like this but body count is.  The film is stylish and bloody.  There is a fight scene between Reeves and rapper Common that will become a classic.  Will there be a Chapter 3?  Only the fans can decide.  Action hounds your movie is HERE!


PLOT:  Jamie Fox plays a cop. 
Jamie Fox plays Vincent a policeman who may or not be crooked.  He steals drugs from the top gangster and they retaliate by kidnapping his teenage son in front of him.  The movie was in theaters for a hot minute but is very good.  You as well as Fox don’t know what cops or federal agents to trust until the very end.  The action is good and the thrills are better.  You should see this if you are a Jamie Fox fan or action fan.

Darker Shades of Thriller

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PLOT:  Alice must save the world again!

                Alice (Mia Jovovich) takes on zombies and tries to save earth from a man-made apocalypse by Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen).  The film is what you expect from the franchise-action packed, lots of the undead and a few monsters.  Jovovich is just an action babe!  Acting not really a requirement for films like these but she is intense and can handle herself with man or monster. If you like this movie series you will enjoy it but it may not be the last-wink, wink!


PLOT:  A mental ill man has 23 different personalities.

                Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McIvor) is his real name but the man has a problem.  He has 22 other characters inside of him.  One of them kidnaps three girls and isolated them and the young women try to escape.  Many people have seen movies with one person with many but not like this!  McIvor is just brilliant-if not for him it wouldn’t be good and the director M. Knight Shyamalan who did The Sixth Sense which I liked.  He directed many other movies but this is very good.  Minor spoiler –there is a “twist” in the film and a guest star action fans know.  It is a psychological thriller not Jason in Friday the 13th so don’t expect many killings but if you want to see something different this is it!


PLOT: The further adventure of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

                Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) couldn’t take Christian (Jamie Dorman) kinky fetishes so she leave him. Christian is used to getting what he wants so he pursues Ana.  She still wants him and gives him another chance but one of his ex-submissive (?) Leila (Bella Heathcote) is stalking Ana and the woman who got him into bondage Elena Lincoln (still sexy Kim Basinger) dislikes her. OMG!  At least it is funny.  

 Let me tell you how it goes:  funny, boring, sex scene repeat a few times, suspense, the end.  There is much talent in this movie from the stars to the director but again at least it’s funny.  This is not a critic movie, it’s a guilty pleasure.  African-Americans have Madea franchise, teens had Twilight Saga and young women have this!  It’s a girl’s night out movie with drinks provided!  

The Annual Black History Month Movies

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PLOT:  A black young boy grows up in a ghetto neighborhood.

                The movie is broken down into three parts first chapter, when Chiron is a young boy and is bullied because he is little and has to deal with his drug addict mother.  Second chapter, he is a teen and realizes he is not straight but still shy and still bullied.  Third chapter he is a well-built, chain-wearing gangster who is still has gay feelings.  The acting is amazing!  Most of the actors are unknown except for Mahershala Ali (Luke Cage, Hidden Figures), Naomie Harris (Monypenny in the latest James Bond movies) and Janelle Monae (Hidden Figures).  The film ask the  question is how tough it is to be a man, then a black man and on top of that being a gay black man.


PLOT:  The true story of three African American women who assisted NASA with the space missions in the 60s.

                All the science ladies Katherine G Johnson (Tarji Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) are brilliant mathematicians who help NASA get astronaut John Glenn into space.  It is a feel good movie with black women in the leads overcoming racism and sexism.  It is also a chick flick, true story with lots of humor and heart.  The movie is worth watching to see African American women than the usual stereotypes and all the acting is very, very good. 

FENCES - 2016

PLOT: The movie adaption of the play of the same name by August Wilson.

                Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) works as a garbage collector in the fifties.  His dream was to be a baseball player but he got too old to play.  He is married to his loyal wife Rose (Viola Davis) who deals with his drinking and plays ref between him and his son who wanted to play football.    It was rumored that Eddie Murphy in the 90’s when he was popular.  It was worth the wait for ALL the performances were excellent.  Not only did Washington star in the film he directed as well.

Songs of Spies and Assassins

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PLOT:  Talking animals enter a singing contest with hilarious results.
         Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) owns a theater and he has hit hard times so he decides to have a singing contest like American Idol and the lucky ones have problems of their own. The voice cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane and Scarlett Johansson. It is a great musical, the characters are cute and it is funny and heartfelt.  A MUST for all ages. 


PLOT:  Two spies fall in love but should they.

      Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) is an agent for the US and he goes to Casablanca to meet another spy, French Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) in World War II.  They pretend to be married to assassinate an important German Ambassador.  They really do fall in love and Max takes her back to the states to marry and they have a child. He finds out something that can tear their family apart.  The film is very slow and sober and when there is action it is brief but intense.  The two leads are good.  It wasn’t promoted very much because of Brad Pitt’s messy divorce so if you blink you would miss it.  If you like old-fashion romance suspense you will like it. 


PLOT:  Another popular video game made into a film.
      Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) is a criminal and drifter.  Assuming he died but transferred in a facility that has a device, Amimus that regress memories and in his past life he is Agular who is in a secret society that protects The Apple of Eden which eliminates free will.  Whew!  Are you still with me?  The best part of the movie is the action which is fast and furious. If you play video games you may not like it but for those who don’t play the games might not like it either for there is a lot of material that is hard to believe.  Video games to movies must be hard to make for so many fail at the box office.  Many fans thought this movie would be a financial and fans would enjoy it but not this one.