Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big Humor in Big Blockbusters


PLOT:  The aliens are back and they are bigger, meaner and smarter.

    First of all if you enjoyed the first movie you will like the second movie and if you didn’t don’t bother. Independence Day Resurgence is like the first film doing the same thing only different characters are doing it.  The movie tries to explain what happened to the major characters of ID4.  There are new people in the fight against the aliens but you will enjoy David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and Dr. Brakish Okiun (Brent Spiner).  These two are great and were in the last film.  It is a silly spectacular popcorn flick that made Independence Day fun but it is just more enhanced.


PLOT: The further adventures of four turtles.

                  You shouldn’t watch this movie if you don’t like the concepts of six feet turtles as superheroes.  I liked it as a cartoon and the movies.  This film is a live –action cartoon with villains and monsters and heroes, human and mutants.  The story is about Shredder, the turtle’s nemesis with help from a scientist to open a portal to bring another evil being Krang to destroy the world.  Story is not that important but the stunts and CGI are.  It didn’t do well in the theaters but on video it will do very well.


PLOT:  Dory, the forgetful fish wants to find her parents.

                  Dory, a blue tang fish is a sweet lovable and forgetful.  Despite memory loss she is determined to find her family by being creative and daring.  Her adventure she meets animals who have difficulty too but willing to help her.  The sequel is just enjoyable as Finding Nemo in 2003.  Kids will love it and so will adults and anyone who understands the meaning of family.


PLOT:  Two estrange friends join forces to save the world.

                  Ben Stone (Dwayne Johnson) was a fat kid and was humiliated in school and one guy stood up for him, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) in 1996.  Now Calvin is married to a beautiful wife, a good job, as an accountant but doesn’t feel he is living up to his potential.  Ben is a spy and remembers his friend Calvin to help him find information to save the world.  It is funny but the action is much better.  Johnson you don’t know is he the good guy, the bad guy or the crazy guy.  Hart is funny playing the average guy who gets way over his head.  Worth to watch if you like these two actors.

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