Saturday, June 17, 2017

Curse of the Baywatch Mummy


                PLOT:  Treasure hunter finds an evil princess who wants to destroy the world.

                                Nick (Tom Cruise) is ex-military finds a tomb that belongs to Ahmant (Sofia Boutella, Star Trek Beyond, Kingsman: Secret Service) a wicked being who wants to conquer the world or destroy it.  She also picked Nick to be her lover. The movie is the (hopefully) beginning of Dark Universe from Universal, a movie company known for monsters and creatures.  The movie is a popcorn movie!  It is not Oscar winning cinema so why treat it as such.  It is not a reboot of the Mummy franchise with Brendan Frasier.  It is a good movie for a summer flick.  It is not doing well in the U.S. but better overseas.  If you like Mummy films in general you should see this; if not just wait. 


PLOT:  Reboot of the TV series of the same name.

                When you watch this movie you MUST do suspension of disbelief.  If you like the series you will like this but it has curse words and crude, sexual humor.  If you can deal with that then you will enjoy this film.  The women are beautiful and Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson and Zac  Efron are hulks.  The villainess of the movie is Priyanka Chopra (Quantico) and she is pretty good at being bad.  The film is doing terrible in America but very well overseas.  If you can deal what I wrote before go see it but if you can’t –wait.  I believe it will do better on video. 


PLOT:  A sick social experiment where people in an isolated office building have to kill or be killed.

                This is the office version of Battle Royale, where teens have to kill each other or be assassinated.  It is a B-movie but it has stars you have seen before like Tony Goldwyn (TV show Scandal), John C. McGinley (TV show Stan Against Evil), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy).  The film came out at the wrong time!  It is a bloody, violent movie about human nature must survive no matter the cost!  It is a fascinating downer and I hope that it does better on-demand, video and streaming for it is worth a viewing.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Same-o Prequels, Sequels, and Films of Wonder


PLOT:  The sequel to the prequel of Prometheus!

                                I know it sounds crazy but it is correct; this is the sequel of Prometheus before Alien 1979.  Covenant means coming together and it is also the name of the spaceship in the film.  A group of astronauts are off course by an unexpected blast and they are awakening too soon and they discover a perfect planet until they find out the planet is not so perfect.  The “covenant” coming together is how the “Aliens” disturbing origin began.  The creatures have many other ways to invade the human body and it is nasty!  Ridley Scott directed both movies and Alien 1979 and it is very well made.  The director is making a third prequel.  How many prequels can you do?  It is not doing well in the US maybe no one has ever heard of so many prequels and sequels for one movie!  If you like the Alien franchise you should see this movie; if not wait until cable. 


                PLOT: The origin of the most famous Amazon ever.

                                Gal Gadot (Fast and Furious movies) is Diana an Amazon living and training in beautiful island in Themyscira when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, recent Star Trek movies) washes ashore.  She finds out there is war outside her world and decides to help Steve.  Basically you know the story of Wonder Woman but it is on the big screen with a female superhero.  Gadot is very good as Wonder Woman.  What she lacks in size she is very intense!  The fight scenes are slow-motion but AMAZING.  The villains are not great but not dull either only for they did not have much to do.  It is also directed by a woman Patty Jenkins whose last film was Monster in 2003. Much is riding on this blockbuster because if it fails-wait a looong time for female lead superhero. 

                PLOT:  The further tales of Jack Sparrow.

                                 Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has a past and his name is Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem,(No Country for Old Men, Skyfall) who kill all the ships at sea until he finds a mythical object to break the spell.  At least it is better than then last one.  It has all you expect in these kinds of movies.  Bardem is just amazing as the evil Captain Salazar.  He is a great actor but he plays a bad guy he gives the character depth but you still dislike him!  HIGHLIGHT:  Rotting  zombie sharks!!  If you like this movie series you should see this installment.

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