Monday, November 16, 2015

Wars, Witches and Interns


PLOT:  Young female writer marries a handsome but mysterious man of a mansion.

                Director  Guillermo del Toro is a great visionary director.  His imagination is amazing!  He did Blade 2, Pan’s Labyrinth and my favorite Pacific Rim so this is his latest movie.  It is a well-made, well acted Hammer-styled film.  Hammer films like Dracula with the late, great Christopher Lee.  It is too bloody for the romance crowd, not enough blood for the gore hounds so how to sell it?  There are ghost in there but not much, not much at all.  It is a hard sell so marketing sold it as a horror movie and I believe that is why it didn’t make much money.  When people think of horror today they want shocks and blood!  It’s a date movie if you want to see it but if you can wait for video. 


PLOT:  Husband moves his family to Southeast Asia but is suddenly trapped in a revolution.

                OMG!  I will admit I didn’t think much of the film because it had Owen Wilson who does mostly comedies but this is not funny at all!  He is Jack Dwyer and he moved his family to Southeast Asia to work as an engineer at the company Cardiff. He doesn’t know that the rebels killed the prime minister and they are out to kill ALL employees at the hotel and he and his family go through hell to survive!!  It doesn’t waste time getting to the action either and you understand more of the story in the middle of the movie.  The movie was in theaters for a hot minute but when it comes to video or VOD WATCH IT.


PLOT:  Retired elderly man works for a young boss.

                Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) is 70 and bored so he takes a job as an intern at first then becomes Jules’ (Anne Hathaway) driver and becomes more of a protector –no romance.  Jules is married with a daughter and is trying to juggle work and family.  It is very tiring but Ben helps her all he can.  It is a very nice movie and the stars make it better than a Lifetime movie.  De Niro is great as an older but still vibrant man who still wants to be in the business world.  Hathaway is cute but determined to make her company succeed.


PLOT:  Black family in turmoil find faith and come together.

                Tony and Elizabeth Jordan (T.C. Stallings and Priscilla C. Shirer) are successful couple.  They have a cute daughter, Danielle (Alana Pitts) but they are always arguing and ignore their only child.  Elizabeth meets Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie) as she helps her sell her home and she tells her about the “war room” which is just a closet where she prays and talks to God.  Elizabeth does the same thing and wonderful things happen to them.  It is a good movie if you have faith to others it is just low-budget religious film.  It shows that people can change with the help of the Lord.  It was a hit with black audiences and should be with everyone who believes.


PLOT:  An immortal warrior destroys witches.

                Kaudler (Vin Diesel, Fast and Furious series) is cursed by a Witch Queen to live forever and that is a good thing for he kills the evil beings who are all around him.  He gets a few sidekicks, Chloe (Rose Leslie, Game of Thrones and Downtown Abby) a wisecracking Dream Walker and Dolen 37 (Elijah Wood, Lord of the Rings Trilogy).  It is like a twisted, expensive Sleepy Hollow episode.  It could easily be a series.  It is worth seeming if you like Diesel because he is always a cool badass!  It didn’t make money(US) maybe for it is hard to believe him as an ageless necromancer hunter. 
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