Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter 2012 Movies Go Action


Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is back from being frozen for twelve years to find out humans are now the enemy along with mutated lycans (werewolves). She doesn’t take much time kicking anyone who stands in her way. Acting not really important but it is great that Kate has returned. There is a lot of action. If you don’t like the Underworld series you probably won’t like this one but if you do and it is in 3D by all means GO!!!


Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is a black op who gets double crossed. Bad idea. This lady can kick MAJOR ASS!! Her story is told in flashback. She is co-starring with the top people in Hollywood such Michael Douglass , Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor and Antonio Banderas. She is not a good actress nor does she have to be. She knows how to fight for real for she is a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and it shows when she defends herself mostly by men!! Lovely and lethal-best kind of female action hero!! It is better to see for video so you can replay a lot!!!


Three guys in high school get superpowers from a rock and all hell breaks loose. It sounds like a routine comic book story-it is but this film is so realistic it is scary!!! When they first get their powers it is fun then slowly it becomes frightening especially for Andrew (Dane DeHaan) whose father abuses him and his mother is sickly. The movie is low-budget but it is well made. New director Josh Trank will have a future in cinema. It is making money and once you see it you will see why. If you can wait see it on video but it is worth a look.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Oscar 2012 Heads & Tails


This is an epic film based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo as well as the stage play. The story is about a young man who loves his horse like a dog and his father had to auction him (Joey) to keep his farm to help the solders. It is farfetched, sentimental yet is brilliantly done. If you love animals especially horses you will adore this movie. I didn’t mention any stars of the movie because the horse is the star. The film is slow and it shows war is hell for both man and horses. The lush photography should win an Oscar alone!!! If you don’t cry at some point you are not human!!! It is very good and should be seen on the big screen if you can.


First of all this is another movie where you have to know the history of beginning of film to truly enjoy it. It is about the title character Hugo who lives in a giant clock and after his father dies in a fire the uncle makes him work as a clockmaker and the boy wants to fix a broken automation that leads him to an incredible adventure. It is beautiful to look at and very well acted. The most bizarre is Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat himself) as a handicapped French police officer!! It shows what film really is and it is not about box office, Oscars but how movies can change the world.


An updated, Mexican version of The Bicycle Thief is about an illegal immigrant Carlos (Demian Bichir) who works hard every day to give his son a better life. Things do get better when he gets a trunk but then stolen. The two search for the trunk to discovery they love and respect each other. Bichir deserves his Oscar nomination. There is a scene close to the end that if you don’t cry you have no heart!! Cast and crew deserve praise of a well made movie. It is getting limited release. You will probably have to watch it when it comes on video but it is worth it.


It took director George (Star Wars) Lucas twenty-three years to make this movie and then he had to use his own money (like he is broke) for Hollywood felt they couldn’t sell the film. What Hollywood really means how to you sell an all black cast in a drama that whites want to see? Well he did a very good job as producer. He hired writers John Ridley and Aaron McGruder yes the same guy who writes the raunchy cartoon Boondocks. He hired Anthony Hemingway to direct which is his film debut.

In the beginning of the film an American War College study in 1925 and I quote “Black men are mentally inferior to the white man.” The movie shows black men as being brave, daring and HERORIC. It is very inspiring. The sky battles are nothing short of AMAZING!!! It drags a little only because they are developing characters. Terrance Howard who plays Colonel A.J. Bullard is good but corny for he always says something very important with the soundtrack booming patriotic. There is one woman in the movie Sofia (Daniela Ruah) a white woman that marries one of the pilots.

Black women won’t like that but the fighters were not in America but in Italy. All the mistakes I still give Mr. Lucas all the praise in the world for trying to show black men in a positive light. I do hope black directors take a hint from Lucas and show black people in general as good, intelligent hard working people.
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