Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fantasy, Fear and Fighting


PLOT: Three burglars target a blind military man.

Trios of young robbers decide to steal big money from a blind vet only to find out he is not helpless and he is not noble. Oh man, I was skeptical about the movie but when I learned Stephen Lang was starring in it I wanted to see it. Lang was the tough commander in the successful film Avatar and he doesn’t disappoint! The blind man can handle himself. The thieves and the audience go through hell before it’s over. It is very good to be shown at the end of summer.


PLOT: Remake of the 1977 of the same name.

This is a “realistic” movie of a dragon living in the woods. It is slow moving but if you stick with it the film is wonderful and magical. The dragon’s design looked like a dog. It didn’t make money maybe because it was too cute and sweet but it was still good. Worth watching with the family.


PLOT: A young boy goes on a quest to protect him from evil. Based on the novel of the same name.

Kubo tells stories but never finish them for he must be home before dark for sinister forces will find him so he has to go on an adventure to find magical sword, shield and helmet to save himself from his wicked aunts. It is very creative and visually stunning. It is a bit scary at times but still very good.
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