Friday, January 8, 2010

Avatar is Amazing

Let me say I heard about this movie then I saw the trailer and I wasn’t impressed then I saw the movie! You have to enjoy three things--Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Action. This film is a MOVIE EXPERIENCE!!! You have to see it on IMAX and 3D glasses. The MOVIE EXPERIENCE is costly. IMAX (where I live) is $18.50 +3D Glasses = EXPENSIVE!! Even if you can’t do IMAX, see it on the big screen for if you don’t you're doing your eyes and ears an injustice!!!

Plot is not really important, but the themes are: Mankind always dominating another species. The acting is good. Sam Worthington (T4, soon to be in Clash of Titans) as Jake is an action hero!! Rugged, tough and compassionate. Zoe Salanda (Uhura in Star Trek) as Neytiri is great. She is a talented actress. I hope she gets a lot of work. Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch is the villain but he should be called Colonel Bad-Ass!! He is your stereotypical military person--take charge, take down, and take over!!! If he was in charge of the Iraq war we would win!!

James Cameron is a wonderful director. It took him twelve years to make this movie and it was well worth the wait!!! It is the best Christmas gift a director can give to his audience--hi-tech and humanity!!

BOTTOM LINE: This is a beautiful film to see but if you’re not interested in 12-feet blue people don’t bother but if you are you won’t be disappointed.
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