Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mid-Winter New Release Round-up


Boy, were those trailers misleading!!! The movie is about Ryan Bringham (George Clooney) who makes a living laying off people!!! In these economic times, it is really difficult to watch but he is very charming, but he’s a dog! He does acquire human qualities during the movie and audiences might enjoy that he does get his in the end. The female co-stars Vera Farmiga (his bedroom buddy) and Anna Kendrick (an ambitious, overachiever employee) are very good and at times it is like a romantic comedy. It has good elements going for it. Should you see it? Yes, if you like George Clooney and the non-Hollywood plot. The director Jason Reitman has a track record for making odd subjects likable (such as Juno, Thank You For Not Smoking). At least he is original.


It has been seven years since actor Mel Gibson been the star of a movie. He probably could have done Lethal Weapon 5 but he chose this picture. It is not a fun action movie, but very serious stuff for his daughter is killed by a shot gun blast in front of him. He thinks they wanted to kill him but he finds out more, that leads to people in power. You feel sorry for him for he truly loved and misses his daughter. There is action, but it is not for action hounds. Should you see it? If you like Mel Gibson, yes---if not, wait for video.


This is the remake of the 1941 classic that made Lon Chaney Jr. famous. It is creepy with lots of bloodshed, and a plot twist at the end. Benicio Del Toro as the hairy beast is good but when he transforms into the monster he is even better!! Anthony Hopkins plays his distant father and you can see why he left him. Should you see it? It is great they made a film about this supernatural creature rather than another vampire movie. It’s bloody, short and sweet. If you do not like werewolves---wait until video.


Jeff Bridges (the villain in Iron Man) proves he is a great actor as Otis “Bad” Blake in Crazy Heart. He plays a very lovable loser-drinking, screwing and smoking country singer. He is like this for most of the movie until he meets a woman with a young child and tries to change his life. In the movies you have seen this a thousand times, but it is Jeff Bridges who gives life to this person you should hate. His supporting cast isn’t bad either, as Maggie Gynenhaal as the woman acts like a real working woman and the problems she faces. Colin Ferrell as Tommy Sweet (a country singer) is actually even good. The cinematography is excellent by Barry Markowitz. Should you see it? If you like good acting: YES!! If you don’t like country---wait.
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