Friday, January 21, 2011

DVD Notes Mid-Winter 2011


I waited to see this animation, for there is glut of them out there, but I must tell you on it is very good!!! It is about Gru (Steve Carell) who is a villain who needs to impress THE BANK OF EVIL to prove he is still bad, and decided to shrink the moon!! Vector (Jason Segal) his nemesis already created the shrink ray, so he steals from him but he needs three adorable orphan girls to get it.

The plot is rather wild to say the least, but it is cute, and in the end he realizes what really is important. Not only are the little girls cute but his "minions" are just funny. It made a lot of money when released in theaters for it is funny, suspenseful and poignant--even a villain can be a hero and a dad. It is terrible when animation has more emotion than live action films!!! It is good family entertainment.


This direct-to-video movie is not a sequel to Death Race 2008 with Jason Statham, but a prequel on how “Frankenstein” is born. If you saw the first movie you know how good and gory it was. In the prequel it is non-stop car chases, bad-ass beat downs and bosomy babes. This is what action hounds live for. The cast includes Luke Gross, (Blade 2, and Hell Boy 2) and the guy is very talented. I don’t know why he does these great B-movies Danny Trejo (Machete) always delivers. Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, National Treasure) is evil as ever!! It is worth renting and even better, buying.
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