Monday, October 10, 2011

From Summer Madness to Fall Sadness


This movie is based on a true story about Danny (Jason Statham, Transporter) who saves his kidnapped mentor Hunter (Robert De Niro) by a sheik who wants vengeance for his sons’ death. It gets more complicated and that is what makes it good!!! The film goes to different countries and you feel you are in a spy movie as well. Before seeming the movies I was wondering why the great actor De Niro was doing in it after watching it I know why. Action hounds will love this for there are great many action sequences. I don’t think it did well in the theaters for it is not the straight forward kick-ass movies Jason Statham fans are used to. It will do MUCH better on video!!!


The film is a grim story of how a disease can cause paranoia, violence and panic!! It is not a popcorn movie; it is meticulous, scary, realistic and frightening. Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne and Jude Law are excellent in the movie but like I said-–it is a good movie, just not a very happy one. It made money the first weekend, then took a dive, and if you’re brave enough to see the movie you’ll see why. What is so scary about it-–it could happen at any time.


First, to truly enjoy this film you have to believe Taylor Lautner star of The Twilight movies as an action hero!!! If you can’t get past that you won’t enjoy it. Direction is by John Singleton, of Boys in the Hood, and is about how Taylor’s great life is lie, as he finds out the truth about his real parents. You have seen it all before but it is nice Lautner is trying to branch out before Twilight ends. The movie is action packed compared to the two Twilight films combined!!! It made more money than his co-stars of the Twilight films but not much. Girls watched the movies more than guys so I guess men don’t see the heartthrob as a badass.


The trailer you see for this film is misleading!!! It is not an action movie!!! It has action in it, but it is far from what you expect. It is not a car chase movie either. What it really is part independent film, part film noir, part crime drama. The acting is great, especially from Ryan Gosling, and even comic Albert Brooks is very good as a gangster!!! The story is simple---a stuntman also does part-time work as a driver. Nicolas Winding Refn directing is as strange as his name. This film is not for everybody, so for many, video is the only way.
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