Friday, March 16, 2012

Movies From Mars


Denzel don’t hurt ‘em!! I am talking extraordinary actor Denzel Washington. He can play very noble characters or at least you feel they are noble and he can play bad!! When Washington plays a bad guy look the hell out!! In the trailer you think Washington’s Tobin Frost is a intelligent agent who went rouge and Matt Weston(Ryan Reynolds) wants to move up in the CIA and luck would have they have to keep Frost in safe house where Weston’s works.

It is like the Bourne movies and in spy movies you can’t trust anyone. Reynolds is great he wasn’t as good in Green Lantern will be better in Dead Pool but here he is serious as a heart attack!!! He is determined, fierce but still wants the truth. Washington is always good as with the rest of the cast.


This film is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs, the guy who gave us Tarzan. It is a Civil War vet transported to Mars by a medallion and encounters monsters, a beautiful Martian princess and becomes a hero. Sounds great doesn’t it and the movies aren’t bad but it is not what you think. It is not for action hounds for the action doesn’t start until the end of the movie. It is not very comical but it is funny. It is hard to describe unless you see the film.

The cast is good Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from Wolverine) the star, Lynn Collins (also from Wolverine) as the exotic princess and the best villain in movies today Mark Strong (Green Lantern, Kick Ass). It is not making money for Disney didn’t market it correctly and frankly I don’t know how to market it correctly. Really in one sentence it is good but strange.


It is amazing how the writers took a ten minute animated short and made a full animated movie about the title character. He is The Lorax and he speaks for the trees!! It is a very good and faithful to the book about saving the environment. The kids may not get it but the adults do. It has made a lot of money and I can see why. If you have children –TAKE THEM!! It is magical!!
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