Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer 2012 is Dark, Black and Hasbro Safe


The supernatural soap that was on TV is now a movie and it is not bad. The trailers are very misleading. It is very serious for most of the film and lavished. The story is about Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) imprisoned and turned into a vampire by the jealous witch Angelique (Eva Green). Ms. Green is sexy and evil!! He is set free and wants to rebuild the Collins family back to greatness. Now Angelique has taken over the business and still wants him. Depp’s Baranabas knows how to be weird and has to adjust to the modern world. Director Tim Burton makes great gothic movies and this is no exception. There is comedy in it but nothing like the trailer. If you like the classic Dark Shadows you should see it.


When you mix Transformers, Independence Day and a reason you should join the navy and you have this picture. Plot not much a practice test the ships what they can do in a crisis becomes the real thing when aliens decide to take over. Peter Berg is good director and makes being in the navy like the most patriotic thing in the world. It is good if you like action. The most important thing does anyone say: “You sunk my battleship” is said but not directly.


If you didn’t like MIB2 this one is a little better. J. and K. (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) are back but K is in danger from being non-existent by a villain named Boris The Animal (Jermaine Clement) so J has to go back in the past and save K. Plot not really important but the relationship between Smith and Jones is good. Josh Brolin as the younger K is just outstanding!! It is very funny and near the end very touching. If you are looking for a popcorn movie this is it.


Action hounds rejoice Jason Statham is in a movie!!! It is not a summer movie but I finally got to see it. It is not a great movie but it has a huge body count. Story young Asian girl has knowledge that organizes crime wants and is saved by Statham. Lots of action after the first fifteen minutes. It did do well in theaters but it will on video. Has some acting for Statham but it is action we want before Expendables 2.
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