Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Summer When the Bullets Flew


                Actor Colin Farrell should be called   “The Remake Kid”,   last year he did Fright Night now this.  He is too talented  yet  he was good in this remake.  He plays a factory worker Douglas Quaid he has a beautiful wife Lori (Kate Beckinsale Underworld series) but he has bad dreams and when he goes to Total Recall his memory is jarred and finds out he is really an agent – not fantasy!!  People will debate which is better. 

This one has better special effects and it is very serious.  The best thing about the film is Beckinsale, she is one bad-ass chick!  Sharon Stone was the evil wife  in the 80’s  movie  but she is nothing compared to Beckinsale.!!!  She would go against her superior just to kill Quaid!!  She is Bond girl that NEVER was a Bond girl!!  If you are patient wait for video but if you didn’t like the 80’s flick –go!


                ACTION HOUNDS REJOICE!!!! This is the movie you have been waiting for!!!  The gang from the last film is back plus Norris and the evil Van Damme.  Plot and acting not important but bloodshed and funny one-liners are.  I liked the first film but this one is just AMAZING!! The review is quick so you can get out of your house and go!!!


                The Bourne series continues with Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross who is in a special black ops unit Operation Outcome who uses enhancer drugs to complete missions..  Soon the government wants them ALL dead and you know who survives as the few people who know about Jason Bourne go to trial.  The film is quite good, acting very good and action sensational. There is a lot going on so if you can wait see it on video so you sort it all out.

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