Friday, January 11, 2013

Wango Django--Winter Action Unchained


PLOT:  Django, a former slave becomes a bounty hunter to find his wife.

                When you mix blaxploitation and a spaghetti western you get this movie.  You can love or loathe this film because it is entertaining but inaccurate.  The good: it is very violent as well as funny.  There is a love story.  Jamie Foxx is great as Django and a black hero.  Samuel L. Jackson is the meanest Uncle Tom I have ever seen. Christoph Waltz, a dentist turned bounty is a good German!!

The bad: well, it is about slavery and the white folks as well as the black folks use the N word a lot but at least  when the white people who say it  they don’t last long. Director Quentin Tarantino could never make a family film in his life shows slavery as it is brutal and unpleasant.  The movie is long: 2:45 minutes--he stretches it out likes it’s epic.  It may bring blaxploitation back!!  Black audiences are going to see especially women because of the love story.


PLOT:  An expert sniper kills five people then asks for Jack Reacher and he has to investigate to clear his name.

             It is interesting movie with Tom Cruise in the starring role. But if you have read the book by Lee Child he doesn’t look like Cruise at all--he is supposed to be tall (6’5’) and strong, but that doesn’t stop Cruise from being a bad-ass.  I think he wants to do roles that stretch his abilities which are a good thing.  The trailer is better than the movie from an action standpoint, unless you like a complex plot (then you will like it).  Otherwise, action hounds will like it in spots, but not really.


PLOT:  CIA operatives hunt for Osama Bin Linden

                The title of the movie means 30 minutes after midnight and darkness and secrecy.  It begins with news reports about 9/11 and then the search for the most hated man in the world.  Maya, (Jessica Chastain) a CIA agent who takes over from Dan (Jason Clarke) who is tired of torturing people to get information.  His performance is good-at least he shows that the horrible things he does to suspects is truly getting to him.  The pacing is slooow, so this isn’t action-packed at all. 

I believe director Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker) wanted to show how long it takes to find Osama. Ms. Chastain performance is good.  She is smart and caring but she would do anything including torture to find the terrorist.  It is not doing well at the box-office at all.  It is a downer, it is long and I believe the public doesn’t want to see anything about war right now.

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