Friday, October 11, 2013

Monsters, Snails and Supernatural Love


PLOT: Richard B Riddick in another sci-fi adventure.

Riddick (Vin Diesel) is back. Left on an unknown planet he finds
the ruins of an outpost and presses the emergency button to be
saved by bounty hunters but on the planet are killer monsters in
the dark. Story is not really important. It is like a repeat of
Pitch Black. What is important is how bad-ass cool Diesel is!!!
What also amazing are the ratings of Riddick. The first Pitch
Black is rated R, then Chronicles of Riddick rated PG13 now the
 latest one rated R. The last film was big budget but didn't do
 well and I don't know why. This is made for less but you don't
 like this character you shouldn't see the movie.


PLOT: Snail wants to be faster!!

Turbo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) a garden snail wants to be in the
Indy 500!!! His worried brother Chet (voiced by Paul Giamatti)
always tells him he will never do it. In these fantasy movies he
always does it and we are cheering for him. It is a cute family
film. The story tells us we can do anything if we put our minds
 and hearts to it. It will fare better on video.


PLOT: Teenage girl finds out she is a Shadow Hunter.

Based on the novels by Cassandra Clare it is about Clare Fray a
pretty teen played by Lily Collins whose mom has been kidnapped
and finds out she is a Shadow Hunter which kills supernatural
creatures. Since the Twilight movies Hollywood is searching like
mad for another successful franchise like it. Hunger Games is
close. It has a brooding immortal, a smart heroine and a love
triangle. It is okay but it does have promise. They are
grudgingly doing a sequel. The first one did not make the money
they wanted.
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