Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Winter Popcorn Movie Wrap-up


PLOT:  Graphic novel of the same name based on the classic novel by Mary Shelley.

                Kevin Grevioux who wrote Underworld and now made a movie by his graphic novel.  This creation lives forever, strong, fast and wants to help mankind.  He is in a war between demons and gargoyles.  Why is Aaron Eckhart wanted to star in this is beyond me.  A lot of talented people are in this film but it is such a mess!!  Worth a look on video.


PLOT:  An ordinary construction worker could be the extraordinary Master builder to save the Lego universe.

Emmet is an ordinary small figure who discovers he is the most important person in his world and must save it from the evil tyrant trying to stop any rebellion!!  The cute story is really about everyone is something special and about a busy father and his lonely son. It sounds crazy until you watch the film.   There are a lot of things adults understand in the movie more than the kids. I love the pop song Everything is Awesome.  You and your children will enjoy it. 


PLOT: A remake of the classic film of 1987

                Fans are going to debate these two movies endlessly.  Which is better, which is worse and should it be made at all.  I loved the movie in 1987.  Some called it cheesy I called it good.  The updated version is not bad.  Special effects wise it is very superior to the older version.  The story is about can you make a machine that is still human and both of the films explore that.   The older movie has  Peter Weller as Alex Murphy and the new one stars Joel Kinnaman Both films have good parts in them but if you don’t like RoboCop to begin with don’t go.  If you do like these kinds of movie go.


PLOT:  Aging CIA hitman has a rare disease and if he finishes one more assignment he is free from the agency.

                Have you heard this story before?  Yes you have but plot and stock characters are not important but the action is!!!  It has humor and heart.  I am very sure it will do much better on video than in theaters.
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