Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Early Summer Movies: Boom or Bust?


PLOT:  Peter Parker enjoys being a superhero but he wants to have
a normal life too.

    Being a superhero can kill your love life just ask Peter
Parker/Spiderman.  It wears his body down saving the day and
can’t be or stay with his girlfriend.  New villains arrived, one named
Electro and his best friend Harry Osborne/Green Goblin.  The
special effects are fantastic.  It is like watching a live-action
cartoon.  If you like larger than life characters this is your
movie.  Don’t jump out of your seat when the credits roll!!!


PLOT:  The reboot of the iconic monster.

    I am a fan of Godzilla and I liked parts of the movie.   The
parts I enjoyed:  Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) he takes his part
very seriously.  The fight sequences-off the hook!!  The result
of the devastation of what Godzilla and other giant monsters do to
cities and the human factor is important but I didn’t pay for a
3D ticket for the people. The parts I didn’t like:  More Godzilla
screen time!!  More of the monsters attacking each other!!  You
have to be a fan of G or love monster movies to watch this film
or you won’t like it very much.  I do hope there is a sequel just
for monster fighting action!!


PLOT:  A nutty couple with a baby has to get rid of a fraternity
next door.

    Let me say I am not a fan of Seth Rogen.  I don’t know how he
gets roles that he does.  The movie is funny for the targeted
audience not to me.  If you want to see an outrageous comedy
watch the Wolf of Wall Street!!  Rose Byrne (X Men First Class, and
Bridesmaids) the female lead is funny with her crazy schemes. 
Ike Barinholtz is hilarious as the couple’s friend. Zac Efron is
trying to change his clean image this will do it!! He is cursing,
smoking and doing obnoxious things as leader of the fraternity.


PLOT:  Different races and classes of women gather together to
support each other.

    First of all the trailer is misleading.  It is not that funny. 
There is no Madea in it so the only comic relief is Terry Crews
(The Expendables).  It’s about five women trying to balance single
motherhood, relationships and employment.  Second, it is very
good.  They show all the women as human beings not caricatures. 
It is very good Lifetime movie.  It didn’t do well at the
box-office maybe it was too real for the target audience but worth
it on video.


PLOT:  Blu and his family go to the Amazon to find more birds like

    The sequel is very good not because of the animation but the
music is great!!  Blu is living in Rio but finds out there are
more birds like them they must go to the wild Amazon which he does
not want to be.  It is good fun flick for children and adults and
again the music is fantastic.  Worth a look.


PLOT: An elite DEA squad gets picked off but by whom?

    The film is great for action hounds for when there is action it
violent and bloody.  Arnold Schwarzengger is the leader of a
special DEA team who take down cartels.  The mystery is who stole
the money and who is killing the team off?  The cast is great Sam
Worthington (Clash of the Titans), Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike)
Terrence Howard (The Butler), Max Martini (Pacific Rim) and
Mirelle Enos (TV show the Killing). The real mystery is why
Schwarzengger can’t have a hit outside The Expendables.  He was
actually good in this.
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