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Six Shades of Winter Movies


PLOT: An aging witch-slayer finds another to take his place.

                This film was based on a novel The Spook’s Apprentice also called Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch in America by Joseph Delaney.  John Gregory (Jeff Bridges) is an aging witch-hunter and searches for another to replace him.  He finds him in Thomas Ward (Ben Barnes Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian).  The main witch (Mother Malkin) is Julianne Moore.  Bridges is great with his gruff sounding voice and Moore is wicked as the witch.  You seen this adventure fantasy so many times before but the special effects are excellent.  If you like this genre go but if not wait.


PLOT: A lethal man helps a friend out with violent results.

                Nick Wild (Jason Statham) is a bodyguard who is also a compulsive gambler.  He helps a lady friend who was beaten up badly but doesn’t know the abusive man is mob connected.  The movie is filmed very well and Statham is not kicking ass every ten minutes but when he does it is worth watching.  I guess Statham wants to prove to Hollywood he can act but his fans like to see him beat the hell out of the bad guys.  You should see this on video or on demand.


PLOT:  Based on the bestselling book novel by E.L. James.

                Anastasia Steel (Dakota Johnson) is a cute, literature student who helps her sick friend out and interviews Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a handsome rich guy who has kinky taste.  She is hot for him in a romantic way and he wants her in a submissive way.  He follows/stalks her wherever she goes. He smacks her tail when he doesn’t get his way.  He does have a background story which makes sense for his behavior.  It is The Story of O (also written by a woman) with a contract.  It is late night Cinemax with soap opera on the big screen.  Honestly, I don’t know why this film has made so much money. It is a movie for couples who are curious.   If you can wait for cable or Pay –Per- View. There are two more novels which they are going to make.


PLOT: True story of John du Pount who will do anything to win Olympic Wrestling in the 80’s.

                The story begins with Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum ,Magic Mike) is an intense wrestler who wins awards at the real wrestling and John du Pont( Steve Carell, Get Smart, The Office) wants him on his team so he can have a great Olympic team.  They work and play together and they admire each other but when Mark starts to lose he wants his brother Dave (Mark Ruffalo The Avengers) as well for his team.  The three male leads are amazing especially Mr. Carell.  He is eerie and eccentric  as du Pont.  Tatum can act when given the right material and Ruffalo is great as his easy going devoted brother with a family.  This is not a popcorn movie; it is slow moving.  It is good because of the acting and directing. Steve Carell is nominated for Best Actor and Mark Ruffalo for Best Supporting Actor.


PLOT: Sexy separated woman has a one night stand with a psycho stud.

                It sounds like a Lifetime Channel movie?  Because there was!!  This one is steamier and more violent.  Jennifer Lopez is Claire Patterson who is trying to start her life over with her son after finding out her husband has cheated on her.  She meets a handsome student Noah (Ryan Guzman) who just happens to be her neighbor and when her son leaves for the weekend.  Ms Lopez is too talented to do a film like this along with singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth.  People who have seen movies like this know what will happen.  Ms Lopez produced the film and it made money because of her.  I hope she makes better movies than this!!


PLOT:  A lonely widow finds a shot hunk in her home.

                It sounds cheesy but it is a really a good drama.  Helen (Patricia Clarkson) husband died and she goes to her isolated cottage for some time alone and a handsome stranger William (Scott Speedman) is in her house bleeding from a gun wound.  She is a doctor so she cures him.  He tells her the truth there is a hitman (Tim Roth) after him and he won’t stop until he is dead.  Don’t expect the typical Hollywood thriller because it isn’t!!  It is a realistic thriller if there is such a thing.  The best part is Ms Clarkson remembering her dead husband and how much she loved him.  She is an underrated actress.

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