Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Mega Movies Explode


PLOT:  The team comes together to stop the first mutant that ever existed:  Apocalypse.

I usually don’t mention directors but Bryan Singer has made more X-Men movies than anyone else.  He may enjoy what he does or they are paying him much money. In the latest movie En Sabah Nu (The First One) played by Oscar Issac who was Poe in Star Wars: The Fourth Awakens rises again and recruits four mutants to join him in controlling the world.  One is Erick Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) who tries to be an ordinary man but circumstances force him to be Magneto and the hell with humans and crush them.  Fassbender no doubt can act and so can James McAvoy as Professor X. 

Oscar Issac as Apocalypse is the most powerful evil being in the X-men universe and the actor is of Latino descent!  Thank you Singer for choosing him and under all that make-up is a good performance. He is not a household name but I hope he will be.  Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique is good but her character was NEVER the leader of the X-men but the actress can bring in fans so deal with that.  The sexiest female is Olivia Munn as Psylocke.  She looks great but she is hardly in the movie and she doesn’t speak much.  The action sequences are great.  If you are a comic book fan it is good but you may complain about the mistakes.


PLOT: Based on the popular video game.

                Flightless birds live a quiet existence then the pigs arrive that seem friendly but have an evil agenda. One angry bird realizes something is wrong with the pigs. The movie is fun but raunchy that is why the kids want to watch it.  Please see it with your kids for you will enjoy it just as much.


PLOT:  Alice has problems in her world as well as the magical world.

                Alice is grown up now and she is having grown up problems such as losing her home, upset with her mom.  She goes to the magical realm where Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is ill.  He believes his family is alive and only Alice can save them.  The movie is epic and special effects amazing.  It is loosely based on the novel but the best thing about the film is what you do for family and Alice tries to help in both of her families in both worlds.

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