Sunday, December 11, 2016

Miscellaneous Creature Features


PLOT:  Young man by his grandfather finds an amazing world of kids with superpowers.

                Jake (Asa Butterfield, Ender’s Game) is a teen who doesn’t fit in the modern world but through events starting with his grandfather Abe(Terence Stamp) goes into a loop where he finds Miss Peregrine(Eva Green, 300: Rise of an Empire) and her small group of  children with amazing powers.  It is a wild ride!  The movie was based on a popular book and directed by Fantasy King himself Tim Burton.  It is worth watching if you read the book or want to see supernatural kids that are not related to a comic book.


PLOT:  Storks don’t deliver babies any more but packages like Amazon.

                Junior (Adam Samberg) wants to be the boss but his boss tells him he must fire a human, cute but clumsy girl Tulip (Kate Crown).  Junior places in the area where they use to deliver babies and you can image what happens.  The voice actors are great –even Samberg!  It has humor, heart like many animated movies of late. The animated films at time are better than live action!  It is definitely worth watching.


PLOT:  The famous giant monster is rebooted yet again.

                Toho, the company that makes Godzilla movies constantly gives their “cash monster” out to Hollywood and when they do a poor job or make money they make one of their own.  This version of Godzilla is very well made and it has endless, endless and endless meetings how to stop the giant beast.  When Godzilla is on screen he is AMAZING!  He has new powers and he is the most realistic Godzilla EVER!  No man in a suit-CGI.  See this film if you are a Godzilla fan but you can wait, please wait for video.

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