Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sleight of Rap Last Knight


PLOT:  Young black man trying to support younger sister sells drugs.

                OMG, this is not your typical superhero movie.  It is about Bo (Jacob Latimore, Maze Runner, Ride Along) a smart student who takes cares for his sister.  He does magic tricks on the streets but sells drugs to make a living.  He wants to get out of the business especially when he has a steady girlfriend but his boss Angelo (Dule Hill West Wing, Psych) won’t let him. 

Actor Hill is vicious as his employer who always wants to be obeyed and respected. Bo is moving up but he has to do worst than sell.  He really does have superpowers but you don’t see that until the end. It is a strange but delightful mix of drug drama and science fiction.  The shocking part they didn’t advertise this film very much which is strange since WWE Studios the wrestling company produced it. It is low-budget and the hero is African American.  It gives you a taste until the big budget movie Black Panther comes along.  It is worth watching.


PLOT:  Optimus Prime turns evil to bring Cypertron back with a mystical object.

                Humans and robots are at war and Optimus turns bad and must retrieve an ancient relic to bring back his planet even if earth is destroyed in the process.  Story not the important part in the fifth film of the series. The action and the special effects are.  The ending is amazing.  I enjoy the franchise but not like I used to.  Optimus is not the movie most of the time. The most is of course the ending.  He is the leader of the Autobots and he is good.  Small spoiler he does let loose when he is bad.  They need to really let him have an evil opponent to he can go full destruction!  If you enjoy this series you like this one.


PLOT:  The incredible short life of rapper, actor, poet Tupac Shakur.

                Tupac (Demetrius Shipp Jr.) wanted to be more than a rapper; he wanted to change the world with his music.  It is a rags to riches story-gangster style.  It is not as good as Straight Outta Compton but it is not bad. Newcomer Shipp portrayal as Tupac is very good, Danai Gurira (Miichonne, Walking Dead) who plays his mother, Afeni Shakur is excellent!  Also outstanding is Dominic L. Santana as ruthless, rich producer Surge Knight.  The movie isn’t doing as well as many thought it would maybe because of some parts might be false but I hope it makes you want to read about this rapper who did so much in his life before gunned downed at 25.

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