Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half Blood Prince: Good If You Like Harry Potter

Let me just say I am not crazy about the Harry Potter movies. Never read the books and the movies are wonderfully made but they don’t interest me. The latest installment is like all the others very good and you must have some idea about the last five to understand HP6!!

The Good: The cast!! All are great and they are growing. The teenagers are very good actors. The plot is confusing to me yet exciting with all the intrigue. The special effects are exceptional!!!

The Bad: The creepiest opening of a film that I have ever seen and the ending anti-climatic (to the action hounds-nothing happens) and someone that you admires dies. If you read the book you know what they took out left in and was the ending like the book.

Bottom Line: If you love Harry Potter this is a great movie--if you don’t care too much for it, please don’t go!!!
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