Friday, August 14, 2009

YO JOE!!!!! So Stupid, Yet So Good

Action Hounds, wolf, wolf this is movie for you!!! This action is wack, mindless fun entertainment!!!

The story is how two guys Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) join the elite team of G.I. Joe. Story for this kind of film is not important but the action is!!! I have been reading online about some people say it is the worst movie ever!! They go into great detail why it sucks!! I don’t know what movie they saw but I thought the live-action flick was great!! It is a summer movie- and it is in August!! What do they want Oscar nominations!!!

My main problem is they scrambled characters origins. If you see the movie and then goggle about the characters you mouth will drop!!! I don’t know why Hollywood changes original origins but as a movie it gets to the action and it gets to it right away!!!

Channing Tatum and Ripcord are good for a summer movie. The sexy Sienna Miller is great as the evil Baroness-–guys will love her rack!! She is also sweet as Ana. Ray Park stole the show as the silent Snake Eyes and Byung-hun Lee is great as bad guy Storm Shadow. Dennis Quaid, sadly wasn’t it the movie very much but when he was gave the cheesiest lines ever!! Joseph Gordon-Lewis as The Doctor and Cobra Commander is a low-rent Darth Vader but he wasn’t bad. It made a lot of money this weekend so I hope there is a sequel-if you see the movie it has part 2 all over it!!

Bottom Line: I have to tell you to me--it was the best popcorn movie I have seen in awhile. I have seen ‘Transformers 2!’ It is a guilty pleasure in the highest!!!
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