Friday, April 30, 2010

Kick Your Dragon


You are going to here this phase until you are sick of it but the movie Kick –Ass truly kicks ass!!! KA is about Dave Lizewski (played great by Aaron Johnson) as an ordinary guy who loves comic book superheroes and decides he wants to be one. There is good and bad to his decision but what a ride you will have!!! The movie is based on the comic book by Mark Miller, who also wrote Wanted, so you know his comics are VERY violent!!! Director Matthew Vaughn did an excellent job. The cast is just great!!!

Chole Moretz as Mindy Macredy aka Hit Girl is girl power to the extreme!!! She is a pint-size Punisher with a face of an angel. She uses knives, guns and weapons little girls shouldn’t use. She is just GREAT!!! Nicholas Cage as Mindy’s father Big Daddy is like an insane Mr. Rogers and his low-rent Batman suit!!! Mark Strong (the villain in Sherlock Holmes) is sick as Mafia leader Frank D’Amico. Strong was just born to play bad guys!!! Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’ in Super Bad) is not too bad as D’Amico’s son. So, should you see this movie? Yes!!! It is like teenage Watchmen but it failed at the box office probably the kids who wanted to view it couldn’t. Be patient to wait for video for it is worth the wait!!!!


This movie has been out for awhile, and you know why? It is very good!! The movie is also in 3D which makes it even better. The story is about Vikings killing dragons but the story really is about acceptance and father and son relationships. The voices match the characters which includes Gerald Butler (300) Craig Ferguson (Late, Late Show), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty). The characters in animation recently display more emotion than today’s actors!!! It is just as good as Up!!

It is scary in spots for small children, but some parts of the movie are just breathtakingly beautiful. I don’t remember it being heavily advertised well--and it doesn’t need to. Should you see it? Yes!! Should you see it in 3D? Oh yes!!
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