Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Repos, Green Days and Clash


This movie was hated by a lot of people. I think because of the subject matter. In the distant future The Union has developed, a hi-tech body parts firm The parts don’t come cheap and if you don’t pay, they rip it out of you and you bleed to death whereever you are. It came out at a time when health care reform talk is at a high pitch and carries a lot of mistrust. Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are the Repo Men and they love what they do---until Law gets into an accident, and they put a hi-tech part in him and he can’t pay!!!

What I liked about the movie was Jude Law!!! He is a bad ass action star!!! I never would have guessed. It's got a lot of black humor also. Forest Whitaker, the Oscar winner in ‘Last King of Scotland’ is good but I don’t know why he decided to be in it. Live Schreiber (the brother in Wolverine) is great as the evil CEO of the Union. Alice Braga Law’s love interest character is very tough and very good. The ending is a little strange. Should you see this in theaters? Absolutely not!! Watch this on video so you can try to understand the ending!!! A wild guilty pleasure!!!


To the American public, movies about war are just too “real” for them. I saw the movie and it is very gritty yet action packed. Matt Damon is very good as an officer who is trying to find out why there are no weapons of mass destruction(WMD), and wants to know why he is on this foolish mission. He gets blocked by many people while searching for the truth and then he wants the reporter Amy Ryan to get it right this time. All the acting was very intense and good. It is up there with Hurt Locker, but not quite and it bombed as well for the same reason---war to Americans is not entertaining!! Should you see it? If you like drama and Matt Damon--if not, wait!!


People, this is a popcorn movie!! I have read people talk on websites about how terrible it is, or how short it is. It is a popcorn movie in April! It is Greek mythology, and it's better than the 1981 version in special affects. The story is changed a bit but, it is about Perseus (played by Sam Worthington, a rugged action star) who is a demi-god going against the gods and saving gods and man. Did you follow all that?!! Plot is not that important, but the action and special effects are great!!! Ralph Fiennes is creepy as Hades, god of the underworld. Liam Neeson is great as Zeus. Mads Mikkelsen (the guy with the scarred bleeding eye in Casino Royale) as Draco, who distrusts Perseus at first then respect him, is also good. I found the movie VERY entertaining filler until the summer movies come out.
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