Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brilliant and Baffling Summer Blockbusters


The Twilight series is brilliant and baffling. Based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer’s young, white tweens go gaga over the movie!! It is a female 'tween' Star Wars!! I am basing my review on the movie alone. You should read the novels ( to compare) but I heard they are terrible but I doubt that. The other two movies in short were too slooow!!! It is the continuing story of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in love with vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob Black, (Taylor Lautner) who can change into a wolf.

Things gets ugly for Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) makes ‘newborns,’ ruthless vampires who wants revenge on Edward for killing her lover James and wants to kill Bella. The two unearthly males have some of the best romantic and bickering dialogue ever in the entire series!! Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg who writes for Dexter finally wrote some interesting dialogue!!! It is well written soap opera. Director David Slade (‘30 Days into Night’) got some very good action in the movie, and that’s why guys are going as well!!

Kristen Stewart is a pretty girl but she can be so bland. Robert Pattinson, I don’t see the attraction at all!!! Taylor Lautner is great when he is topless!!! The rest of the cast is good, but who stands out is Rosalie Hale (Niki Reed) they give her a back-story as she tells Bella why she shouldn’t ‘turn’. In short, this is the best of the series. Should you see it? You don’t have to be a fan for this one--it does drag but not a lot!!



This movie is based on a segment of Disney’s classic Fantasia!!! The writers took that segment and made a movie. The film is about a wizard Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) finding another wizard Dave Stutler(Jay Baruchel) to destroy the evil witch Morgana (Alice Krige from Borg Queen from Star Trek)but she has an evil assistant Maxim Hovarth (Alfred Molina, Dr. Ock from Spiderman 2). Are you with me so far? Sounds complicated? It is not, it is really fun and dumb at the same time.

Jay Baruchel has had some year. He was in ‘She’s Out Of My League’ ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and now this. He is very funny but he is sooo NASAL!!! Nicolas Cage is very good as the mentor and Alfred Molina is GREAT as Maxim. He is witty, angry, arrogant, power mad--good traits of a bad guy!! It is not doing well at the box office, so maybe a lot of people think it shouldn’t have been made!!! It is a good summer movie if you have nothing to do--if not, go DVD or Blu-ray.


Let me just say before you see this movie please DO two things: 1-Read as much as you can about the movie and 2-BE ALERT!!! The movie is about dreaming and sleeping and if you’re tired YOU will fall asleep!!! The movie is not bad or boring if you use your brain. You will not understand this movie on the first viewing. Great for the lucky ones that do. The movie is action-packed and thought-provoking. In short--not a typical summer blockbuster. Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman, knows how to keep your attention with action sequences but also keep the intelligence high. All the actors Leonard DiCaprio, underrated Joseph Gordon-Levitt Ellen Page and all the rest of the cast are brilliant. Should you see it in the theaters? Yes, those who are movie lovers and want to see something different, but others should wait to see on Blu-ray and DVD so you can see it repeatedly, in order to 'get it.'
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