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Summer 2010 DVD Round Up


I only watched this movie because wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin was in it. He plays John Brickner, an ex-con got out of prison early because the wife of who he killed begged the parole board. She wants him to save her daughter who needs a heart transplant –the insurance bill is costly and Medicaid rejected her so he does underground fighting for a living. It is surprising for a b-movie to have such seriousness for everyone is damage or in debt!! Stone Cold Steve Austin is not the best actor in the world but he’s got a presence!!! He is much laid back compared to his wrestling persona. I can’t wait for the movie ‘Expendables’ to come out later this year-August to be exact. Everyone is very good including Reno (Walter Goggin in the series The Shield and Justified) Frankie (Smallville as Supergirl and updated series V) . They make a very odd loving pair.


This movie is based on the books by (Rick Riodan). I didn’t know the book existed so I did not read it but you should read before you see the movie for the novel gives more insight. It is a summer blockbuster that was release in February and now release on DVD. It is very well made. I am surprised. All the special effects movies I thought it was another one. Mythology and modern world collide as Percy Jackson(new comer Logan Lerman) has just found out he is a demigod and his father is Poseidon (Kevin McKidd, Journeyman). Zeus (usual bad guy Sean Bean) wants his lightning bolt back or hell on earth as result.

At a school for demigods only he meets pretty Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) daughter of Athena and his protector and comic relief Grover(Brandon T. Jackson). Percy goes on a quest to save his mother Sally Jackson (Catherine Keener-know for independents movies) from Hades (Steven Coogan). Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) is amazing as Medusa!!! It is delightful and it should have been release in the summer but the studio didn’t think it would do well. The cast old and new are fantastic. Director Chris Columbus who directed the first Harry Potter movies is very good at fantasy movies. He should have done “Clash of the Titans.” They will be comparing the two in the future. If you are into mythology and fantasy movies YES see this movie!!!


First, let me say this is not for kids!!! It is very, very violent!!! It is about Batman with a new villain named Red Hood who is taking over crime by killing one crime boss at a time. Batman is not voiced by Kevin Conroy but Bruce Greenwood (seen in Star Trek-2009) all the voice actors are good but Wade Williams and John Di Maggio Black Mask and Joker are outstanding!! Both are power mad, funny criminals. It is not that long but it says quite a lot. You should see when it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. Warner Brother’s animation movies are getting better with each film.
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i want get under the red hood and percy jackson on blu ray