Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expend Your Cash for The Expendables!


ACTION HOUNDS REJOICE!!!! The Expendables are finally here!!! It has the best all-star action guys you can name!!! A band of mercenaries lead by Barney Ross (!?)(Sylvester Stallone), and his second in command Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) take an assignment by Church (Bruce Willis) to take down a small country in South America and its dictator General Garza (David Zayas)who is really controlled by James Monroe(Eric Roberts).

Plot, dialogue and acting is not the reason to see this movie, it is the action stars of the 80’s 90’s along with wrestling and UFC. Lots of action, lots of kills and lots of big explosions!!! The big three--Schwarzenegger, Willis and Stallone is funny but too brief. The late Brittany Murphy was supposed to be in the movie, but they cut her scenes out. The two females in the movie are Charisma Carpenter (Angel) and Gisele Itie (popular novella actress in Mexico and Brazil).

My only gripe was, I couldn’t see the brutal fights (it was at night) and they needed to be longer!!! This is for guys, girls who love macho men and action and violence, period! Not for kids, not for people who hate violence not for women who like chick flicks. See it in the theaters, see it on Blu-ray and DVD--just see it!!!
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