Friday, February 18, 2011

Silly New Movies, Silly Old Bear



Where is my action hounds at!!! For all the fans who are tired of Oscar hype this movie is for you!!! The film is a remake of the 1972 movie starring Charles Bronson. The remake has Jason Statham (The Expendables) in the Bronson role and his “apprentice” is Ben Foster (The Punisher, The Messenger, X-men3) as Jan Michael Vincent was in 1972. You think you are going to watch a psychological study of an assassin but after an hour the violence comes fast and furious!!! Jason Statham is an action star!!!! I am surprised Ben Foster did a movie like this. He is a very talented actor. If you need your B-movie fix this is the film for you. It is R for a reason-mindless killing and sex-gay and straight!!!


Silly old bear!!! This movie is so bad it’s funny in a juvenile way. They couldn’t make the film about a smarter than the average bear, so they put in it is Jellystone Park's 100 Anniversary---but the mayor wants to take it over to make money and get votes. It is up to Yogi and friends to save the park!!! The real voice of Yogi is Daws Butler, who is gone now but people who know Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brothers and Ghost Busters) knows it is him.

The real surprise is pop singer Justin Timberlake who does BooBoo, Yogi’s sidekick very well. Tom Cavanagh plays Ranger Smith. I heard Will Ferrell was first for the part but he knew a disaster so stayed away. Anna Faris (House Bunny) is pretty and funny as Ranger Smith girlfriend. You have to a fan of Yogi Bear or a little kid or a big kid who likes Yogi Bear to truly enjoy this . It didn’t make money in theaters and it shouldn’t have. Blu-ray or DVD will do better.
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