Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Aliens Have (Again) Landed


ACTION HOUNDS-SEE THIS MOVIE!!! The summer came early for my peeps. If you mix the beginning of Saving Private Ryan, Independence Day and a video game, you got this flick. I have never seen action like this!! It is a simple story--aliens come to take our water by any means necessary and they have torn down everything major city except LA. Sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart, Two-face in The Dark Knight) is about to retire and he is needed to help a group of soldiers, which include singer Ne-Yo and Michelle Rodriquez (Fast and Furious, Machete) when the invasion breaks out. It uses hand held cameras so you feel you’re in the movie!!! It is non-stop action.

“Quiet time” is less than ten minutes, if that, in a movie near two hours long!!! The Latino audience will enjoy this movie for they show them as brave people fighting to live; in fact they show most minorities in a good way. For the haters there is not much character development and you have to see the movie again to keep up what is going on, as soldiers are yelling for there are blow outs, shoot outs the entire time!!! If you like the director Jonathan Liebesman get ready: he will also do the sequel to Clash of the Titans 2!!!


The recent franchises are heading toward the end like Harry Potter, or Twilight, so Hollywood is scrambling for the next hot franchise, and this film has potential. It is based on a book by Pittacus Lore (real name James Frey) about a teenaged guy Four (Alex Pettyfer, Beastly) from planet Lorien trying not to be captured by the evil Mogadorians. He seeks to act human, tries to adjust to his new superpowers and find others like him. His guardian is Henri (Timothy Olyphant Hitman, Justified) is like a dad trying to guide him and protect him. You should read the book before watching the movie, but it could have easily been a graphic novel. It has a young cast and they are very good. It has an exciting ending and you want to see more of them. It is worth seeming both in the theater and Blu-Ray.
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