Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anger and Other Drugs


Would you take an illegal drug that would make you smarter, stronger or almost superhuman, but you must take every day or you will die? That is what this movie is about. Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a writer looking terrible and has writer’s block. His ex brother-in-law Vernon (Johnny Whitworth) gives him a sample of the potent drug. He changes literally overnight into a playboy and brilliant businessman. Everything is great until he runs out.

The movie is rated PG-13 but it doesn’t feel like it. It seems like an R. Shia LaBouf was supposed to play this role but he had an accident-–thank God--and Bradley Cooper took over. He was in the A-Team as “Face.” He is attractive but he is creepy too. He seems to still be taking the drug to me. He could have had come up with cures for many diseases while on the drug, but he becomes-–what else? A politician. It is an interesting movie that is for sure. Robert De Niro is in the movie too, but I don’t know why. He is too talented to be in something like this. It is a good movie if you like the premise, otherwise wait for video.



You gotta love B-movies to like this!!! It is a story about Milton (Nicholas Cage, Ghost Rider) who escapes from hell to save his granddaughter from a cult. Sounds simple, right? Well it is. There is lots of action and it is the old 3D which means they throw things at the screen unlike Avatar new 3D that surrounds you. The 3D doesn’t help but you pay more. The supporting cast is not bad. Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) is Piper, who joins Milton but she can kick ass all by herself. She should consider being a female action star.

William Fichtner (Armageddon)is The Accountant (I don’t know why they call him that he’s Satan’s assistant to catch Milton) This actor is very good and he is always in the most popular movies. Nicholas Cage is a very talented actor, so why is doing exploitation? Maybe he likes it, I don’t know but I think if he does a remake of The World’s Greatest Sinner, he would get his second Oscar. WARNING: The World’s Greatest Sinner is not a commercial film, it is independent. It is good and STRANGE!!! It is not for everyone. If you love grind house and action movies you will like this. It didn’t do well in theaters but when it hits Blu-ray, woo-hoo!!!


When Liam Neeson does action movies he can do no wrong!!! He plays Dr. Martin Harris and he is missing some luggage and that’s when the trouble begins. He gets in a cab, he gets in an accident resulting in a coma then another man claims he is him!!! He doesn’t give up finding out who is trying to be him and why which leads to startling conclusions!! The movie is exciting and intelligent, but what keeps it together is Neeson who uses his brawn and brains to figure things out. If you like action thrillers this is very good. You do see what kind of happens near the end but what a ride!!! It was the number one movie in February and I know why.
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