Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fall 2011 DVD Wrap Up


This is an excellent fantasy movie!!! Based on Robert E. Howard the same writer for Conan and based on a comic book of the same name. He was a mercenary then a monk then a killer again but to kill evil. He is a Puritan swordsman. It sounds corny and typical for this kind of genre but James Purefoy who plays Kane is not a one note character- he is kind one minute cut-throat the next. He is a very serious Van Hesling!!! The cast and the production are quite good. I don’t think it is on video in the United States and I don’t know why, if you see it you will enjoy it.


Nothing like a direct-to-DVD action movie!!! It is a b film all the way but it is very funny!!! Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin is Tate, leader of a group of wise-cracking, kick-ass SWAT team that include Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) Lexa Doig (Andromeda) and Steve Bacic. They botch up a hostage situation at a grocery store which their captain sends them to train without live ammo and of course a real crime is being committed by two rival gangs who want what is in the suitcase. Plenty of action and vile language but at least it is comical. Michael Shanks (Stargate: SG1 ,Hawkman in Smallville) is a foul Russian. If you like action b movies you can’t go wrong!!!


This film is a downer and it is not the typical horror movies you’re used to. It is about three teenage boys who want sex and finds it with grim consequences. Director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Clerk 2, Jack and Miri Make A Porn, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) made a great movie no one will see. It has the crazy preacher Abin Cooper played very well by Michael Parks .He deserves an Oscar nomination. It is offensive, violent, and exploitative but it is the best, bizarre movie I ever seen!! Mr. Smith couldn’t find distribution for the movie and if you see it you know why. The movie didn’t make much money and it is on video. If you got a strong stomach watch it, if not it should be on IFC.


John Cena is a very popular wrestler in the WWE. He has been trying to be a movie star. He is good-looking but bland. He needs to be a superhero, Captain Cena perhaps? In this film he is one of four siblings who hate each other but will get three million dollars if they can work together in a business. Cena is not funny but Ethan Embry (Freaky Links, Fairly Legal) as one of the brothers. It is good but better on DVD. I really hope Cena gets to be a movie star for he is very successful in everything else.
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