Sunday, December 11, 2011

Muppets, Vamps and Thieves


The title tells you what the movie is about but the best part is Eddie Murphy being funny again!! He does well playing Slide, a low rent thief among Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck who rob their boss Alan Alda, a Bernie Madoff type who rob them of their pensions!! It is clever but not what you expected from the trailer. If you like Eddie Murphy see it –if not wait for video.


This is a crazy, cute movie. It is about Gary (Jason Segel Bad Teacher) and Walter a muppet—they are brothers!!! Don’t ask. Walter becomes a fan of the muppets and they go to Hollywood to see them but the gang has gone their separate ways and the evil Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) wants the studio for there is oil beneath. Walter has to get the band back together. Don’t ask. Ask should you see it? Yes!!! It is amazing. If you love these cuddly creatures and they make fun of themselves and pop culture. The highlight is Chris Cooper rappin”!! If you know the actor you know why it is absurd.


In this movie you should know Greek mythology it will help some. There are three reasons you should like this movie 1-Henry Cavill (he will soon be Superman in Man of Steel) 2- Mickey Rourke good actor and 3-the lush visional effects by director by Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall). For you action hounds it gets good at the end. Plot is simple Theseus (Cavill) is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead an army against King Hyperion (Rourke)who searches for a magical bow and arrow to enslave humanity. Acting not really important but good but the action is great. If you didn’t enjoy 300 you shouldn’t go but if you did –GO!


OMG, why does this franchise make so much money!!! I did enjoy the last one a little but this one is boring. You should read the author’s books even if it is bad it does help if you are interested. I am only reviewing as a movie. The Twihards know the story Edward Cullen (Robert Patterson) the vampire is marrying Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) the human much to the objection of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) the werewolf who is in love with her. The odd couple goes to an uncharted island off Brazil and they have bed-wrecking sex and Bella gets pregnant and all hell breaks loose!! It shouldn’t be boring but it is. The director is Bill Condon who directed Dreamgirls and writer Melissa Rosenberg who writes Dexter. I don’t know why it is not good as the last one. I hope the final film is much better. The ONLY thing good about this franchise is young girls and women can make a blockbuster.
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