Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Money and Protocols


I can’t believe this is a true story but it is. It is about Billy Beane general manager of the Oakland A’s who tries to change old school way of the big and powerful of baseball. Brad Pitt is more than a handsome face-he is ACTING. Another surprise Jonah Hill (Superbad and the The Sitter) is very good as his partner and accountant. No melodramatic clinches thanks to the writing of Aaron Sorkin ( West Wing, The Social Network). You don’t have to know baseball to the enjoy it. It is a drama not much action so if you are into acting go to see it-if not wait for video.


You think this series would slow down after the fourth movie but it is action packed. I can’t believe this was directed by Brad Bird who directed the animated feature The Incredible. If you’ve seen the trailer you know the film. Mostly all of IMF are killed and the only ones left is Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) Benji (Simon Pegg) Paula Patton (Jane Carter) and Brandt(Jeremy Renner) to stop a nuclear bomb from destroying a major city. James Bond got competition with Ethan Hunt but the difference is he can work alone and work as a team. You should see it on the big screen but if you can’t video is good. If you like lots of action this is for you.
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