Sunday, January 24, 2016

Of Chicks and Chipmunk's Rights


PLOT:  The further fun adventures of Alvin.

                The chipmunks are worried that Dave is going to marry his girlfriend and drop them so they have to stop him from giving her the engagement ring.  Story is not important but cuteness of the three and the crazy things that happened to them are.  It is not high-brow comedy but it is funny.  Great for families.

PLOT:  A young laundress by accident becomes involved in the women’s right to vote in Britain 1912.

                Maude Watts (Carey Mulligan) washes other people clothes for a living.  She has a husband and a son who she loves dearly. She has to deliver a package to an owner and sees first hand of women throwing rocks at stores to get attention to the cause. Soon by events she becomes involved that will change history-the woman’s right the vote.  Selma told us the black version of black people had to sacrifice to get the vote this movie does too for females.  The acting is very good especially by Mulligan for she goes through so much! Meryl Streep is not in the film that much even if she is in the poster.

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