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50 Shades of Sex and Violence


PLOT:  The squeal to Ride Along.

                Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) is now a rookie while James Payton (Ice Cube) is the tough detective still teaching Ben the ropes.  They team together again to stop a crime lord in Miami.  The comedy provided by Hart is great and the action is not bad either.  This is a movie you will enjoy if you like Kevin Hart if not do not go.


PLOT:   Aliens try to kill the humans on Earth.

                Okay it is a timeless tale of aliens trying to control the earth but it is shown through the eyes of a 16 year old girl named Cassie Sullivan (Chole Grace Moretz, Hit Girl from Kick Ass movies) then the “waves” come and the earth is in turmoil and when the army takes her younger brother, she is determined to find him.  Moretz is great and she is an up and coming action babe!   The attractive Alex Roe is romantic interest. If you like Hunger Games, Divergent you will enjoy this.  The trailers didn’t impress me but the movie did.


PLOT:  A comedy about the erotic romance sensation 50 Shades of Grey.

                Hannah Steel (Kali Hawk) meets Christian Black (Marion Wayans) as she interviews him for her paper and begins the kinky, sexual relationship.  The film is actually more vulgar than the film they are making fun of.  The movie feels very long and it is not because of the gross humor.  The picture has potential-some parts are very good as Florence Henderson, yes that Henderson who was the mother in the Brady Bunch, as the woman who got Christian into bondage.  It was a shocking stretch for her and she is funny! Hawk is more shapely than her white counterpart Dakota Johnson.  Jenny Zigrino as Kateesha, Hannah’s white roommate who is so stereotype black is hilarious.  Wayans wrote the film and if more comedy than crude was it would have much better.  It didn’t make much money in theaters but will be better on video.


PLOT:  The further adventures of Po, the panda and friends.

                Po (voice by Jack Black) must teach his friends more martial arts, he meets his panda father, learn chi and stop an evil adversary.  It is a lot for a panda but Po is up to the challenge.  If you enjoyed the other two you films you will enjoy this one.  It s great for children and kids!


PLOT:  The origin of the superhero.

                Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) who used to be in Special Forces now is a mercenary.  He falls in love with an escort Vanessa ( Morena Baccarin, TV show Gotham).  Life is good then he finds out he has terminal cancer so he leaves her and goes to secret lab to get better.  His cancer is cured and he has superpowers but his faces is disfigured and he wants the person responsible Ajax(Ed Skrein, Game of Thrones) to fix him. 

The movie is funny and action packed.  Reynolds was born to play Deadpool!  If you seen him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine he is much better in this one.  He is foul-mouth with non-stop wisecracks.  After this sequel maybe he should do a solo film about Hannibal King, vampire slayer.  The movie is a hit and it is rated R so don’t be surprised if more superhero movies are going to be more violent and lots of sex. 


PLOT:  True story about anchorman Dan Rather had to step down for false documents about George W. Bush in his life in the service.

                OMG!  Journalists in the movies catch hell!  If you blinked you would have missed this well-acted movie about Dan Rather (Robert Redford) and his producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) who tells the public George W. Bush had special treatment in the military.  The aftermath was destructive, people were fired, forced to leave their jobs and characters smeared.  The film focus mostly on Mapes who got the story and caught all the trouble that came with it.  I am usually not political in my reviews but if you watch this film (and believe it) this is why Jeb Bush didn’t make it as president-this time.

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