Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Phat here!!! Been gone for awhile but I am back!!!

Bits and Pieces, post Oscar time:

• “Slumdog Millionaire”is a great movie, the commercials make it like a feel-good movie and it is but it is very unpleasant in spots.
• “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke is good. He deserves his Oscar nomination. I don’t like him that much but he was excellent .
• Oscar time-I DO HOPE HEATH LEDGER WINS!!! He deserves it and not because he’s dead either.
• “Friday The 13th”-the update. Don’t like remakes much-watch on DVD.
• 2/24/2009 HEATH LEDGER WON!!! I am so glad. Only reason why I watched.

WARNING!!! This is for only people who are REALLY into bad movies. I read about “The Room” by Entertainment Weekly. It’s not a horror movie but a tragic love story. It has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Tommy Wiseau wrote directed and stars in it. He has been called gay, retarded and weird but (to me) he is just a bad actor. He raised 6 million dollars on his movie but it doesn’t look it. Watch this movie like said if you enjoy so bad it’s funny. It has a cult following and when you watch the movie you will know why. You will either thank me or insult me. You can see “The Room” March 20 at Midnight at Village Cinema East 22 E. 12 Street Phone Number 212-924-3363. You can also buy it at Amazon under $14.00 dollars.

GODZILLA FANS ONLY-Do you want to see “King Kong VS. Godzilla” 2008 screenplay. Please write to the following address:
MARY PARENT, Chairman, Worldwide Motion Picture Group
MGM Studios
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Please write to her I would like to see Godzilla again on the big screen.

I saw two good movies “Soul Men” and “Miracle At St. Anna”

 “Soul Men” starred my two favorite actors Samuel L. Jackson and the late, great Bernie Mac. One of the singers of the Real Deal dies and they go cross-country to pay tribute and to start their careers again. It’s a road movie and a teen sex comedy. They use the N-word a lot but it is a lot of fun.

 “Miracle at St. Anna” is an epic movie about black soldiers in World War 2. The performances are nothing short of fantastic. Derek Luke as Stamps is brilliant. I believe he will be the next Denzel Washington. Director Spike Lee is best black director in my opinion. He makes movies that make you think!! The movie is very long and lots of subtitles. Prepare to read a lot!!
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