Sunday, March 22, 2009

Punisher War Zone 2008, and More Punishment

I got the DVD of “Punisher-War Zone.” I saw the movie in theaters and I am one of the few folks who loved it. I bought the two discs and usually I don’t but this time it was good just too short. There has been 3 movies and I enjoyed them all. Each actor brings a different feel to the character Frank Castle.

Punisher-1989 starring Dolph Lundgren, directed by Mark Goldblatt. He was imposing and intense at times. Not a good actor but acting is not a requirement in an action B-movie.
Punisher-2004 starring Thomas Jane, directed by Jonathan Hensleigh. In this movie Jane’s Punisher was thinking man and compassionate person. It tells how he became a DEA agent to vigilante. John Travolta was good as the villain Howard Saint but he was invented-not in the comic book. (at least to my knowledge)

Punisher: War Zone-2008 starring Ray Stevenson directed by Lexi Alexander. Stevenson version is amazing. He looks like he stepped out of the comic book! He is tall, menacing, intense, non-talking killing machine!! The villain is Jigsaw ( Dominic West) and he is from the comic book and his brother Looney Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison). West and Hutchison over acts which is good to silent assassin Stevenson. Director Lexi Alexander( it is a woman!) does a great job. There is a lot of neon color. Maybe she has seen a lot of anime-beauty before bloodshed!! I wish they would make more movies on DVD. I sure would buy them.

Who Would Win? Punisher Vs. Rambo 

Who Would Win? Three–way dance---Dolph Lungren Vs. Thomas Jane Vs. Ray Stevenson
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