Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hollywood, Enough With White Saviors


What is WSS? It is White Savior Syndrome. In movies-–especially sports movies there is a poor black male and white person saves them. Examples are ‘Against The Ropes' with Meg Ryan, 'Glory Road' with Josh Lucas and the latest is ‘Blindside’ with Sandra Bullock. All these movies mean well but as a black person I get tired of seeing this. Are there no rich black families to help disadvantaged black kids?

Now before you go hating on me, I know the Hollywood game. They want that almighty box-office weekend, and they need blacks and whites buying tickets, but it is working on my nerves!!!

Contrast this with Tyler Perry, while many whites don’t know him, black audiences do. You see in his fims what you otherwise NEVER see in a Hollywood movie--a middle class black couple!! If a popular black actor is in mainstream commercial movie he or she MUST be paired up with a white or Latina. We always see a white couple. What’s up with that---or even better, I am tired of that!! Hollywood must realize niche audiences always come back if they like what they see. Not all movies have to make 100 million in a weekend. Enough already!!
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