Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twilight: New Moon, No Sense


I don’t get it. I finally saw it the other night and I am saying bad words about it, for it seems every female on the planet saw this movie!! It made history for one day box office and the weekend. It has made over 200 million dollars and for what? Only one person dies in the movie, so it’s not for gore hounds; not much action---if you see the trailer you have seen most of it. I have never read any of the novels and I hear they are awful, but the books no matter how bad are better than the movie. I am baffled.

The story is about Bella (Kristen Stewart) who is distraught about her vampire-lover leaving her? Her best friend is hunky Taylor Lautner who is a werewolf, as she finds out the hard way. She finds out she loves them both but chooses her vampire-lover Edward (Robert Pattinson). This movie is 2 hours and 10 minutes folks.

The Good: The Wolf-Pack---topless mostly through the movie!! That is one of the pluses!! Taylor Lautner is topless too. Alice (Ashley Greene) Edward’s bubbly sister. Michael Sheen (Aro) and Dakota Fanning (Jane) the leaders of the vampire clan Volturi. Those two are very creepy. They could make a movie about the Volturi and it would probably be better. Mr. Sheen has done full circle. He was the werewolf leader in ‘Underworld’ and now leader of the vampire in this movie. He is good in both.

The Bad: Everything else!! I do understand Bella’s torment being dumped by her boyfriend, but he did do it for a reason. As for the rest of the film: It is sooo slooow. It is like a flat-line machine that spikes every forty-five minutes.

Bottom Line: This movie is critic-proof, but the only thing (and it is a good thing) it signifies is that teen girls and females can bring in box office. Hollywood, are you listening? To all other people, see the cheaper version---‘The Vampire Diaries’ on CW, then decide for yourself.
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