Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ninjas and the Blind: Year End Wrap


It is hard to believe that director James McTeigue made ‘V For Vendetta’ for it was intense and very intelligent. ‘Ninja Assassin’ well, that’s another story. It is about Raizo starring Rain, as one of the best killers in the world taught by the Ozunu Clan. He rebels when a friend is senselessly killed by the clan and tries to save an agent the beautiful, black Naomie Harris from them. Lets face it, this is not about plot. This is about stylized slashing!!! It is done very well too---you can’t beat that opening!! I don’t understand why the studio released it around Thanksgiving with all the blood-letting, but do see it--–in theaters or on video, whichever---if you like action movies, THIS IS for you!!!


This movie is based on a true story, and it is about a homeless black kid with a body of linebacker who is helped by a white woman named Leigh Ann Tuohy. Through her he learns to read, have a family and become a football player. Sandra Bullock is very good as a tough, loving mom. Newcomer Quinton Aaron is great as Michael Oher, the black teen who is taken under Leigh’s wing. Who I liked the best is Leigh’s son’s SJ played by Jae Head. He is cute, cheerful and confident with Michael. It is a feel good drama. The director John Lee Hancock made “The Rookie” in 2002 with Dennis Quaid and it shows. Should you see it? Yes, if you want to feel good about being a human being. Why shouldn’t you see it? It's a better woman-of-the week TV movie if you want to wait, and if you don’t like Sandra Bullock.
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