Sunday, July 31, 2011

Captains and Aliens and Pooh Bears


The title should be called Cowboys, Indians and Outlaws vs. Aliens. Based on a graphic novel, the story is about Jake (Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond) who is out in the desert not knowing who he and has a strange cuff on his wrist. The adventure starts when he has to discover who he really is. The cast is great, as Harrison Ford (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) is great as Woodrow Dolarhyde, a powerful rich guy, and Olivia Wilde (Tron Legacy) is not just the woman in the movie. She plays an important part. It is a strange hybrid, but with loads of action. If you don’t like your westerns mixed with monsters don’t go, but it is different and good!!


The classic Winnie the Pooh is back and is sooo delightful, but the film is too short. The lovable bear who loves 'hunny' with his stuffed friends. The story is simply Eeyore lost his tail and Christopher Robin has a contest who finds his tail gets a reward: hunny!!! The film is lots of fun yet short, but it has musical numbers, comedy, suspense The older people who know the cute bear knows that the narrator is now John Clesse not the late Sebastian Cabot, and the film is old school animation.


Griffin Keyes (Kevin James, King of Queens, Mall Cop) is the zookeeper of Franklin Park Zoo. He is good at his job but his sexy ex-girlfriend Stephanie(Leslie Bibb, Ironman) wants him back to sell hot cars and live the good life. Kate (Rosario Dawson, Men In Black 2, Unstoppable) likes Griffin too and works at the same zoo. The animals like him too and they TALK!!! The voices of the animals are Adam Sandler as Donald the monkey, Sylvester Stallone as Joe the lion, Nick Nolte as Bernie the gorilla and Cher as the lioness. It should be a fantasy with talking animals and chubby James getting attention from two beautiful women, but he is charming and romantic enough to make it work. Kids will love it, adults not so much.


This character has been done in the movies so many times but this time they got it right!!! Comic book fans may disagree, for there are some changes from the comic. You know the story; Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) a sickly kid tries to go to the serve his country by going in the military. He is rejected every time until Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) sees something good within him and wants to experiment on him, so Rogers agrees and turns into the superhero.

The cast is good but the film is not about acting. You can’t believe that Evans was the Human Torch in Fantastic Four!! Hugo Weaving is just evil at his best portraying Johann Schmidt/Red Skull. STAY AFTER THE CREDITS or you’ll miss a good scene. You'll have to decide for yourself if the film is patriotic or propaganda.
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