Friday, July 22, 2011

The Horrible and the Hallows


This film has the right title. Elizabeth Halsey is a bad teacher, but the good thing is she is played by Cameron Diaz. I think this is her best part yet!!! She drinks; she smokes, she is selfish, she is self-centered, she swears, she schemes. She should give up teaching and be a politician. Her rival Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch) compete for Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), a wealthy but nerdy substitute teacher. They fight for his affections in crazy, funny ways. The acting not important as the raunchiness!!! For the guys she washes a car like she's having sex with it!!! For the women, there is even romance believe it or not!!!


Did you ever fantasize of killing your supervisor? Well in this movie, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis decide to kill their bosses with the help of “murdering consultant” Jamie Fox. Their bosses are egotistical Kevin Spacey, an unrecognizable Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston as a maneater!!!. It is gross and funny at the same time. The acting is good especially Aniston, who is playing waaay against type. Guest stars appear against type too, so get ready for that!! The plot is nothing new but the three leads act like real people in a stressful or drunk situation. Should you go see if only if you like the premise and comedy.


You know that phrase ‘save the best for last’ applies to this movie. You should read the books (I haven’t), or at least seen most of the movies because they refer to many parts in the movie. If you thought the last movie was grim, it gets worse. Harry, Ron and Emma try to stop the evil Lord Voldermort with sad and tragic results. Severus Snape, played by Alan Rickman, has important role in this film. The production is top-notch even if you are not a fan. Quality and quantity has not lowered. It is an amazing film franchise achievement. Fans of the movie will love it; people who read the book will like it--even if there are changes in the movie. It is good in 2D or 3D.
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