Friday, July 1, 2011

Moony Robots, Goony Women


I enjoy the Transformers movies, so I won’t give a bad review. Many people think it is too loud, or inane, but that’s why I like it. To me it is fun to watch. The third movie is the same as it ever was. The story is about Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime’s mentor, who crashes on the moon escaping Cybertron in the war, and he has to bring him back alive to stop the Desciptions. Let’s face it, plot not really important, and acting is REALLY not important. What IS important are the giant robots beating the hell out of each other in big cities!!! They do that a lot in this film.

I heard it is better in 3D, but I loved it in 2D. This film's visuals, you have to see again, or on video to catch up on what you missed, because there is a lot going on in this movie. If you are an action-hound you will LOVE it. If you saw Battle: Los Angeles, it is something like that. The things that bother me is one, so much is going on, that you can’t tell the Autobots from the Descipticons, and second, Megatron is acting like Starscream!!! He is second to another powerful robot, but he is MEGATRON!!! He is evil, but in the last two movies they don’t show it in full force!!!

Humans are afterthoughts in this film, like Shia and Rosie (a model, of whom the best can be said is that, Megan Fox was a better actress). I have read this is Michael Bay’s last Transformer movie--too bad. Critics and fans say he is a hack. I wish I made a couple of billion dollars for being a hack! Whatever director replaces him, I hope they do a better hack job.


Didn’t think I would see this movie, uh? Well I did. Female driven films are rare, and even rarer in summer blockbuster season. It works because it is very funny. There are gross parts in it, but it is funny and romantic too. The story is about Annie (Saturday Night Live Kristen Wiig) who’s best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph another Saturday Night Live star) is about to get engaged. She wants her to be the maid of honor and she messes up in hilarious ways.

Kristen Wiig is just great as Annie. She is funny and tragic. Maya Rudolph is fun to watch too. Jon Hamm (Mad Men) is Annie’s sometimes handsome yet total jerk boyfriend. The late great actress Jill Clayburgh is in it too. I hope this becomes a trend in the summer, because women want to have fun at the movies too.
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