Saturday, May 2, 2009

Get Obsessed!!!

Thank goodness Glenn Close from “Fatal Attraction” gave actresses a new part to play besides The Wife, The Girlfriend, The Mother---now, The Psycho Bitch!  In “Obsessed,” Ali Larter plays a crazed white chick stalking a successful, loving married black man. Let’s face it, this is a Lifetime movie for black women. It is a great guilty pleasure.

Beyonce plays the wife and she is one tough female. Bad-ass Beyonce wears the pants and the panties, and when you watch the movie “Obsessed” you will know exactly what I mean! Honestly I don’t know if Idris Elba (as the husband) is either p----y whipped or he loves his wife. Beyonce is a big star and in her countless interviews, she clearly indicatws she wants to win an Oscar. Well America, she is gonna get it but not right now.

So few parts for women of color exist, that when a simplistic movie like this does come around black women flock to it!!! That’s very sad. Idris Elba is a good actor. He was in “American Gangster” and “The Wire.” Ali Larter who is in “Heroes” is a pretty girl, I do think she is a good actress and I hope she receives better parts other than psycho bad-girl.

What's Good---Beyonce and Idris are ideal black upper-class couple. He resists the white girl’s advances and tries very hard to be a gentleman. The n-word is not used and of course the catfight!!

What’s Bad---Ali Larter’s Lisa. To ask a cliched question, just what is her motivation? No back-story of why she is nuts and stalking men. She's is just an evil white woman driven to get somebody’s husband. No sympathy for her. Her only reason for being seems to be she is in the movie is to make Beyonce look good, and even better when she kicks her ass!

Bottom Line---If you like these kinds of movies, naturally you will like this one. If you don’t, wait for video, but is it great fun if you're with a group of females praising the brother for not being seduced by the white girl. and cheering on the catfight!! The movie was going to be called “Oh No She Didn’t,” but I guess it sounded too ghetto. So get "Obsessed," but don't get too carried away about it!


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